Best restaurants in cappadocia

best restaurants in cappadocia carus haruna restoran
  1. Seki Restaurant: Best restaurants in cappadocia: Located in Urgup, Seki Restaurant offers a mix of Turkish and international cuisine with a charming atmosphere.
  2. Dibek Restaurant: Situated in Goreme, Dibek is known for its traditional Turkish dishes cooked in clay pots (dibeks).

Best restaurants in cappadocia

  1. Topdeck Cave Restaurant: This restaurant in Goreme offers a unique dining experience in cave-like settings with a variety of Turkish dishes.
  2. Ziggy Cafe & Restaurant: A popular spot in Goreme, Ziggy Cafe & Restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring local specialties.
  3. Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant: Known for its terrace with a view, Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant offers a menu with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.
  4. Old Greek House Restaurant: Located in Urgup, this restaurant is set in a historic building and serves a mix of Turkish and international dishes.
  5. Cappadocian Cuisine: Situated in Uchisar, this restaurant offers a variety of local dishes in a cave-like setting.
  6. Zelve Restaurant: With a location in Zelve Valley, this restaurant provides a scenic backdrop along with a diverse menu.
  7. Han Ciragan Restaurant: Found in Urgup, Han Ciragan Restaurant is known for its Turkish breakfast and traditional dishes.

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