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Why Antalya?

Why Antalya?

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Why choose Antalya for training? 3 reasons to consider the Turkish capital of sport

There are many options and factors when it comes to choosing sports training camps. Football clubs must travel before the beginning of the pre-season to form teams and return in good shape. Therefore, we have gathered three good reasons for you to consider the Antalya region to train with your sports team and have experience during workout:

– Great quality services at affordable prices

Antalya is a true vacation paradise. Annually, the place is visited by thousands of people, mainly in the summer. The high quality of Turkish hotels, compared to other Mediterranean nations, makes the country an interesting destination. Also, even during the winter, Antalya facilities are designed to accommodate many guests. Therefore, it is possible to enter a training camp on a reasonable budget during this time of year and get the same service as if you were on vacation in the summer. Many clubs have limited budgets and, if you don’t want to compromise the quality and service level of your stay, Antalya is a great option.

The Sense Deluxe and The Xanthe Resort are some of the hotels that provide quality services at affordable prices in the region.

– International standard training facilities

Facilities that follow international standards, with excellent football fields and other training options are great advantages that Antalya hotels provide to sports clubs.

The local training camps are of the highest level and quality. We guarantee that sports clubs obtain the best result during their training. Also, the establishments have fitness areas, soccer fields with real grass approved by UEFA, heated outdoor Olympic pools, and clay court for tennis players.

– Packages with all services included

Our “All-Inclusive package” for groups facilitates planning and coordination for managers and coaches. Through our services, you do not need to plan visits to restaurants and find alternatives for meals. We offer hotels with buffet in the morning, lunch and dinner. The food follows strict quality standards, and we always take into account factors such as health and cleanliness, and there are fruits in every meal. We also provide free drinks like water and soft drinks throughout the day. Managers and coaches can enjoy their training stays without worrying about meals.

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