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What to buy in Turkey?

What to buy in Turkey?

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Best souvenirs to bring home from Turkey

Mosaic lamps.
Turkish lamps and lanterns are a great choice for those who want to create a more oriental atmosphere with their decorations.

Evil eye beads.
It is believed that wearing a talisman with evil eye beads protects against evil forces. In modern times, however, evil eye beads are mostly used as jewelry.

Coffee pots.
Traditional Turkish coffee is brewed in copper pots known as “cezve,” which are still used today.

Iznik ceramics.
Iznik pottery is a traditional Ottoman handcraft easily recognized by its iconic use of purple, blue and crimson floral patterns.

Dried Malatya apricots.
Eastern Turkey’s Malatya province is dubbed the country’s “apricot capital” and produces around 80% of the world’s dried apricot supply.

Tea set.
A traditional Turkish tea set includes a two-part teapot – the bottom kettle is filled with water and boiled, and some of the boiled water is then mixed with a small amount of tea leaves in the upper kettle – and clear tulip-shaped tea glasses.

Turkish cuisine uses a wide variety of spices on a daily basis, all of which can be found in bazaars across the country.

Lokum, aka Turkish delight.
Traditionally made from a gel of starch and sugar formed into small cubes, lokum is known worldwide simply as “Turkish delight” and is arguably the most famous Turkish dessert.

Baklava is made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and sweetened with syrup or honey.

Bursa silk.
In its heyday, Bursa was a stop on the famed Silk Road and a world trade center for silk cocoons and silk fabric. The Ottomans spun the local silk industry into international fame, and by the 16th and 17th centuries, Bursa silk had become a highly desirable luxury.

Famous for their quality, Turkish carpets are decorating homes around the globe.

Sold in different forms and sizes, hookah pipes could be a perfect souvenir for those trying to add a Middle Eastern vibe to their home.

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