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Wedding experience in Turkey

Wedding experience in Turkey

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Enrich your wedding experience organizing your ceremony in Turkey

In every country on earth, wedding ceremonies have an essential role. The situation is no different in Turkey, and the party that celebrates the union between couples is also crucially important in our culture.

However, some important points about the Turkish weddings set them apart from the rest of the world: they are incredibly inclusive!

In Turkey, weddings tend to bring together thousands of people, where entire villages attend and the “if there will be more people, then better will be the party” mentality prevails, as opposed to the more intimate the setting of weddings common in other countries.

Therefore, we will introduce you to some characteristics of Turkish ceremonies for your celebration in the country:

What makes marriage in Turkey a unique experience?

– Henna night (tattoo)

Henna night (in Turkish: Kina gecesi) represents a “goodbye to single life” and a transition to marriage.

This habit is not only related to parties but comes from the tradition of burning henna, which is believed to protect couples from harm, as well as promoting devotion to their partner. Both the bride and the wedding guests will have henna tattoos engraved on their hands in elaborate designs.

The ceremony is still mostly female, being held mainly by the bride and her friends.

Another unusual feature of Henna night is that, although it is a pleasant occasion, it is tinted with a touch of sadness and often shows the bride crying when she realizes that she is leaving one lifestyle and entering another.

 – Live music with flutes and drums

In traditional Turkish weddings, drums and flutes are used. These instruments are known as davuls and zurna. Currently, instruments are still part of the matrimonial tradition.

– Exotic transportation for the bride

Usually, at a traditional Turkish wedding, the groom shows up at the bride’s house to take her to the party, while family and friends “deliver” her. It usually comes in a car decorated with flowers. Often, the groom has to knock on the door over and over again, because the bride’s family “refuses to give it up of her.” In some traditions, the groom has to “bribe” children who keep the door closed with coins or sweets.

 – Convoy of cars

This tradition goes back to the time when horses were used massively by the population. Currently, a convoy of cars follows the wedding car and they drive across the village or city in a row. People also honk their horns as a part of the train. When the car stops, the children take to the streets and ask the bride and the groom for money, and the bride and groom usually put small amounts in envelopes to distribute to the children.

 – Local dances (halay)

Halay is a Turkish folk dance designed for weddings. The celebration represents a cycle with a melody that starts slowly and gradually accelerates, with people dancing together, holding each other’s hands or fingers.

Each region has different traditions with halay dances, but dance is represented in all weddings.

 – The habit of fixing gifts in the bride and groom

Gold and banknotes are the main wedding gifts in Turkey, and there is usually even a ceremony after the official party is concluded. The bride and groom wear bands and the guests go up one by one to take pictures with them and nail gold or money in the bands. The money must then be used to help the couple get started in life, whether it be to buy a house or whatever else they need to start a new life together.


 Ideal location for EMEA meetings, international incentives and congresses & international weddings,
 New Party Capital of Europe in past years announced by guardian,
 Hip&Cool ,unique sophisticated pleasures at turkey cultural capital,NY times,
 Largest city in the European Area – most blue chip companies have offices there,
 All major international flights fly you Istanbul,
 Award winner THY,
 New award winning state of the art international terminal at the Airport,
 Only city in the world to sit on two continents – Europe and Asia,
 Stunningly attractive city with views over water and continents,
 An intoxicating mix of cultures and civilizations where East and west ancient and modern coexist in harmony.


 One of the world’s great historical and cultural cities previously known as Constantinople and originally called Byzantium,
 Superb conference centre located downtown,
 Superb historical palaces fow wedding events,
 Excellent multinational Hotels & boutique hotels,
 Unique features include arrival to the hotel by boat, using 1950 American cabs (Dolmushes) for transfers and exclusive events in the Grand Bazaar, Topkapı and three hundred year old Turkish Bath,
 A shoppers paradise ranging from the Grand Bazaar (Largest covered bazaar in the world) and the Spice Bazaar to award winning shopping malls and the most exclusive boutiques,
 Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the three great cuisines in the world.

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