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Unusual attractions in Anatolia

Unusual attractions in Anatolia


Discover some unusual attractions in Anatolia: Rainbow Hills, Green Valley, and the Nallıhan Necropolis

The Anatolia region is full of historic buildings and natural beauty. Certainly, the vast majority of its attractions are well known among tourists. However, the place also has “not so popular” landscapes that deserve attention. In this post, we will highlight the Rainbow Mount, the green valley, and the Nallıhan Necropolis. Check out:

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is an interesting city full of history. However, with just a few hours of stroll in the region, it is possible to know the main sightseeing.

So, if you feel bored during your stay in the metropolis, it is possible to easily visit the district of Nallıhan. Located just 2 hours from Ankara, the small townhouses Mount Rainbow, the green valley and the Nallıhan Necropolis. Also, Nallıhan is known for its vast bird sanctuary – one of the largest in all of Europe, which attracts thousands of photographers, bird scholars, and trail fans throughout the year.

Nallıhan Necropolis

The Nallıhan Necropolis has hundreds of excavated graves dating back to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras.

In 1991, an excavation was conducted in the area by the Museum of Civilizations of Anatolia, which resulted in the discovery of a small number of tombs. At that time, this area was considered an unnamed necropolis. However, texts on bronze coins discovered during the main excavation started in 2009 by the Museum of Civilizations of Anatolia, attest that this place was, in fact, the ancient city of Juliópolis.

Green Valley

The Green Valley, with its layered topography, is located within the Davutoğlu National Park. The attraction is noteworthy due to its unique coloring, unlike any existing mountain in Turkish territory.

Rainbow Hill

The colorful hills of Rainbow Hill were formed about 10 million years ago. Colors emerge from the types of minerals that were deposited during their formation. For example, red tones are associated with deposits of iron elements.

The closest places where you can find colorful hills are: Peru, Argentina, China, or the USA.

How could a Guide in Turkey help me get to know Mount of the Rainbow, the green valley and the Nallıhan Necropolis?

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