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Uber or Taxi in Istanbul

Uber or Taxi in Istanbul

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Uber in Istanbul

Check out our post with some useful information about Uber service in Istanbul:

Uber is very famous around the world and really works well in most of the main capital cities. However, in Istanbul, due to the influence of taxi drivers on the APP, the service is not so suitable.

For example, the cost of a taxi registration in Istanbul is 1,800,000 lira. Then, the taxi business is only for big companies that separate large investments in Istanbul. As the big ones are in the business, the police end up “helping ” taxi drivers.

On May 30, 2018, UBER was banned in Turkey with a President’s approval.

If a car is stopped while racing with the Uber app, there will be serious consequences for the driver, such as high-value fines or even the seizure of the car, and of course a major embarrassment to the passenger.

I’m not saying that there are no drivers who don’t race with the app, there are brave people who register with the Uber app and are trying to keep their lives with this service. But even so, for a tourist, we don’t recommend this service.

In our experience, the policeman treats people who hire uber drivers badly, and even the client will suffer investigations. The police want to see the driver’s records and may even take you to the police station as a suspect in some “organized” group.

We have seen many people suffering, even though this can be sound like an absurd.

On the other hand, in Istanbul, the distances between sightseeing are quite short. Therefore, we recommend that you take a taxi (in reliable places such as in front of establishments with fixed points) or use public transport which, by the way, works very well. By the way, taxi in Istanbul is cheap and UBER prices are not as attractive as elsewhere in the world.

If you want more comfort and ease, we offer private car service with a driver, which is a safe and comfortable way to get around the city and we give tips in our Transport and transportation category.

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