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Turkish olive oil production

Turkish olive oil production

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Discover Turkish olive oil production

Turkish olive oil production reached 225,000 tonnes in 2019, the second-highest level ever recorded and an increase of 20% compared to the last five-years. Check out our post with some information about the sector:

Due to good growing conditions, including a hot, dry summer with rainy days in the spring, olive oil producers in Turkey have always had a chance to enjoy good harvests.

Most of Turkey’s olive oil production takes place in the south of the country, where modern high-density olive groves are grown. Olive groves tend to be traditional, harvesting fruit from older trees.

There is optimism in the olive oil sector, that Turkey could become the second-largest producer in the world, surpassing Italy, Greece, and Tunisia. However, this would require traditional farmers in the north to convert their orchards to high-density plantations and would also require many producers to invest in irrigation.

Many producers in southwestern Turkey are already seeing the climate getting hotter and drier. Also, farmers who have never needed irrigation systems are beginning to invest in such equipment, as rainfall falls less frequently.

Along with production, olive oil exports also increased, reaching 60 thousand tons, the second-highest level since the 2012/13 harvest. Many of these oils were destined for Spain and Italy to be mixed with other oils before being re-exported. Other destinations include Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The consumption of olive oil also increased, reaching 170 thousand tons, the second-highest level ever recorded. Increased awareness of the health benefits of olive oil, along with its use in ancient traditions and low prices, has helped to increase demand for the product.

Turkey’s best olive oil brands

– Oleavia Savrandere Early Harvest;

– Bozelli;

– Eliada;

– Purio;

– Satifad;

– Deli Dane;

– Granp Ova;

– Ania Natural;

– Mavras;

– Nova Vera Harat.

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