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Turkish military force

Turkish military force

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Discover Turkish military force in numbers

Turkey currently has NATO’s second largest military power. Check out our post and see some characteristics about the military strength of the Mediterranean country:

Turkey is a member of NATO and has the second largest number of permanent troops, behind only the United States. In addition, the Global Firepower website ranks Turkey 11th among the top countries in the world in terms of military strength.

The army consists of the Turkish Land Forces (Turk Kara Kuvvelleri), Turkish Naval Forces (Turk Deniz Kuvvelleri) and the Turkish Air Forces.

In terms of military spending, Turkey currently has an annual budget equivalent to $ 19 billion, according to Global Firepower, and spent 1.89% of GDP on defense in 2019, according to CIA World.

In terms of the military, there are 355,000 active military personnel and 380,000 reservists in the country. As such, the country has the 15th largest number of active soldiers in the world, and the 17th largest number of soldiers in the reserve.

The Turk Kara Kuvvelleri, or Turkish Ground Forces, have, according to Global Firepower, 2,622 tanks, 8,777 armored combat vehicles, 1,278 cannons, 1,260 towed artillery pieces and 438 multiple-launch rocket systems.

In addition, the country has 206 fighters, 80 transport aircraft, 276 training aircraft and 497 helicopters. The Turkish navy, or Turk Deniz Kuvvelleri, has 16 frigates, 10 corvettes, 35 patrol boats, 11 mine warships and 12 submarines.

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Turkish military forces: what are the main equipment of the army?

Turkey’s military forces are among NATO’s top forces. Currently, the country has the second-largest military force in the union, ranking only behind the United States. In this post, check out some of the main equipment that is used by the Turkish army:

– Infantry equipment made in Turkey


– Sarsılmaz SAR9;

– Canik TP9;

– Girsan Yavuz 16;

– Sarsılmaz Kılınç 2000.

Machine guns:

– Sarsılmaz M204;

– Sarsılmaz M212;

– MKA 1919.

Submachine guns:

– SAR-109T;

– HK MP5.

Assault Rifles:


– KCR-556;

– HK416.

Sniper Rifles:

– JNG-90;

– KNT-76 SASS;

– KNT-308.

Anti-armor weapons:

– Mızrak-O;

– Mızrak-U;

– Cirit;

– Roketsan KARAOK;

– HAR-66.

Grenade launchers:

– M203;

– AK40-GL;

– MGL;

– MK 19.


– Altay;

– FNSS ACV-15;

– FNSS PARS 6×6;


– BMC Kirpi;

– BMC Vuran;

– Otokar Cobra;

– Otokar Akrep;

– Nurol Ejder;

– FNSS PARS 4×4;




– T-122 Sakarya;

– T-155 Fırtına;

– MKEK Boran.


– Hisar-A;


– Zıpkın PMADS;

– ACV-30 Korkut;


Turkey: a world power in warfare development

Today, when military forces around the globe need armored vehicles to deal with emerging threats or need explosive devices, they often seek out Turkey. Check out in our post some information about the technologies that the Mediterranean nation is developing:

Since joining the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) in 1952, Turkey has been an important member of the organization. While western nations sought to contain the expansion of Soviet communism, the addition of Turkey gave the alliance a foothold in the Middle East.

As early as the 1980s, several NATO allies began an effort to modernize their weapons systems, a movement that Turkey enthusiastically joined. The country also sought to develop its own weapons production capacity to reduce its dependence on foreign manufacturers. In the years that followed, Turkey’s success as a weapon systems developer led it to become a major supplier worldwide.

The Turkish defense industry began its journey with licensed production of armored fighting vehicles (ACVs) and today has access to more complex vehicles and systems, such as armored amphibious platforms, anti-tank vehicles, medium and main battle tanks, along with a wide range of tower solutions.

The defense industry in Turkey has specialized in armored 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 platforms, tracked infantry fighting vehicles, as well as main battle tanks and weapon systems are manufactured by local private companies like FNSS, Otokar, BMC, and Nurol Makina. In addition to using them by the National Security Forces, these systems are exported to a wide range of users worldwide.

– Private-public partnership

An essential element of Turkey’s success has been its ability to take advantage of government contributions in conjunction with private industry. Among the main companies in the military sector, then:

· Aselsan: company responsible for integrating and modernizing ground weapons and C4ISR systems;

– Roketsan: produces technologies for propelled ammunition, guided ammunition, advanced missile systems, and ballistic solutions;

– for Havelsan: provides software, training simulations, and systems integration;

· Turkish Aerospace: provides aviation solutions.

– Defense beyond Turkey’s borders

With its success in producing high-quality weapon systems for its own military, Turkey has advanced in exporting weapon systems to other countries. The country supplies systems to countries in the Middle East and the Far East, as well as NATO. The Turkish defense industry focuses not only on meeting the demands of combatants but also on developing new products to meet these needs quickly. With their joint production and technology transfer efforts to Kazakhstan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia.

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