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Turkish lira in U.S

Turkish lira in U.S

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In the United States, an almost impossible thing is to exchange Dolar for Turkish Lira. But we have a solution for this.

In reality there are enough facilities to exchange foreign currencies already in the city of Istanbul.

But there are people who want to travel with a small amount of Turkish lira in their wallet. So we have Turkish lira to provide and give peace of mind to our passengers right from the start.

We have a physical office in Orlando, FLö where we serve our clients. If you want we can change it for you too to make it easier. However, we do not recommend the exchange of large quantities, as we are not an exchange bureau nor will we be able to supply large quantities. Just for snacking.

The two currencies are following the same line in the international economic turmoil and suffer the same damage from domestic policies.

As it is not for making a deal, we keep this quote for small exchanges.

You give us a dollar, and we give you 7 Turkish lire.

We can combine and exchange. Just book with us.

We receive contacts from people who want to exchange the forgotten lira on return from the trip. So it’s just that these people live in cities other than our location.

If you have recently returned from a trip and have Turkish currency forgotten in a corner of your suitcase, then, to exchange it, you can leave a comment below and suddenly someone from your city may be interested in buying it, so we help each other. What about?

We are able to sell US Dollars and Euros as well. Depending on availability, we can deliver euro and dollar to your home as well. Please consult the daily tourist quote. We deliver to home in Orlando, FL.

Text us : 321 655 8235

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