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Touristic attractions in Turkey

Touristic attractions in Turkey

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Turkey attractions for all tourist profiles

Turkey combines the best that the Mediterranean has to offer. From ancient mountains to golden beaches, the country brings together a cosmopolitan collision of attractions. Undoubtedly, Turkey can satisfy  every tourist profiles.

Turkey for historians

Once home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, it’s hard not to be inspired by Turkey’s past.

It hosts the ruins of Ephesus, monuments such as Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque and first homes of Christian communities in Cappadocia.

Turkey for “beach rats”

Turkey is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. The country offers tourists the opportunity to swim in the Aegean, one of the oldest seas in the world. On the beaches of Cirali and Iztuzu (Dalyan), you can see turtles nesting on the sand. The Bodrum peninsula is also prepared to receive tourists and Türbükü hosts two of the best hotels in the country – Mandarin Oriental and Maçakizi.

Turkey for lovers of exotic dishes

It is essential to try traditional Turkish coffee served with a copper ibrik during your trip in Turkey. The nation’s traditional drink is strong, dark and sweet.

If you have never tried a Turkish kebab, you simply did not live. In addition to these options, be sure to try karniyarik, fried chopped lamb and eggplant, and sarma yaprak, wrapped vine leaves stuffed with seasoned rice.

Turkey for those who want luxurious experiences

Relax in a luxurious Turkish bath. This experience can be found across the country, but some of the best establishments are in Istanbul.

To combine tourism with a truly real experience, take a private yacht to the Bosphorus for an evening and enjoy a sunset on the way.

If there is still time to spare, the Zorlu Center is sure to satisfy you, hosting a variety of luxury stores within award-winning architecture, you will likely return home with extra luggage.

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