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Street foods you should try during your trip in Turkey

Street foods you should try during your trip in Turkey

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Tourism in Turkey: street foods you should try during your trip

When it comes to street food, Turkey is known as a true paradise. Also, the country’s cities have some hidden treasures. Check out our list of some culinary attractions you should know during your trip to Turkey:

– Meatball sandwich * Köfte ekmek

The Meatball Sandwich is the most loved and well-known street food in all of Turkey. In practically every neighborhood in any city in the country, there is a house that offers snacks. It is usually offered with tomatoes. Shredded meat, onion, and salad.

– Fish sandwich

Another super common food to be found on the streets of Turkey. In neighborhoods like Karakoy and Eminomu, there are several villas everywhere. Like the meatball sandwich, it is accompanied by salads and tomatoes.

– Albanian liver

This dish is usually served with onions and potatoes. Although it is delicious, tourists should be careful, as this dish is extremely fatty and caloric. Not recommended for those on a diet!

– Döner kebab

Certainly, the most famous “Turkish fast food”. The kebab is a dish composed of lamb meat roasted on a vertical skewer and sliced before being served.

– Kokoroç

Kokoroç is a spicy dish consisting of tomato, green pepper, and sheep meat. The dish is very popular with partygoers, and food vendors usually appear on the streets at night.

– Tantuni

Tantuni is a traditional dish from the province of Mersin. However, this wonderful meal can be found throughout Turkish territory. It consists of red meat and served in flatbread.

– Lahmacun

Lahmacun is a dish known as “Turkish Pizza” among tourists. Its filling consists of several ingredients and is particularly famous due to its low price and the potential to serve as a great meal.

– Pide

Although it looks like Lahmacun, Pide is not entirely similar to traditional Turkish pizza, as it is prepared with yeast and olive oil, usually oval in shape, with dimensions of approximately 25 by 40 cm, decorated with sesame or Nigella seeds and with a net of grooves made with the baker’s fingers.

  • Ashure: Aşure Pudding or Noah’s Pudding. Day of Asure (Aşure Günü), which is the 10th day of Muharrem in the Islamic calender.

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