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Sports training package in Turkey – Tennis

Sports training package in Turkey – Tennis

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Sports training package in Turkey – Tennis

Training in private tennis courts is a very popular activity among tennis athletes, as they provide teams the possibility of achieving a better performance. In Turkey, we offer excellent tennis facilities in the city of Antalya. Also, we have extensive cooperation with hotels that have tennis courts, which enable high-performance training for small, medium, and large clubs.

If you are looking for good facilities for your team, with courts and hotels that carefully follow international standards, we can offer a wide variety of customized training courses. Our goal is to deliver a good service that all teams could enjoy a good workout. Tennis courts with good facilities and a delicious 5-star stay can be booked at favorable prices in winter.

Come to Antalya during the winter holidays and enjoy all that the region has to offer. We strive to meet your needs according to your budget.

Our goal

Our team has more than 10 years of experience and can provide the best tennis courts and training. Our goal is to offer the best possible experience for athletes to achieve maximum performance. Also, our “All Inclusive concept” helps professionals to save money and receive everything they need during the training period.


Flight to/from main destination / We work with several major airlines, and we always offer the best match we get.

Transport to/from the airport / Our travel guide is waiting for you when you land at the airport and together you drive to the hotel.


Full board/Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. Drinks are also included in the package.

Breakfast buffet, late breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet / In addition to the usual meals there is always extra if you get hungry.

Also, there are the following:

 – Tea, coffee buffet all day;

–  Free fruit at all meals;

– Specially reserved table at all meals.


– Accommodation at 4-5 star hotel;

– Minibar in the rooms and replenishment of water;

– Meeting room at hotel;

–  Storage room for clothing, balls, etc;

– Fitness room at hotel;

– Room with a massage table for masseur;

– VIP room for chief coach (suit) (For groups over 25 persons by arrangement);

– Possibility of the whole team staying on the same floor.


– Rental of courts at hotel incl. in the price;

– Free transfer to/from the hotel to the courses (If the courses are not part of the hotel);

– 2 x daily training of 90 min / Can be adjusted if needed for more or less;

– 2 x daily wash of training clothes;

–  Springwater during training;

–  Opportunity for training matches & mini tournament.


– Travel guide/fixed guide which you always can contact;

– Contribution to the Travel Guarantee Fund (reg. nr. 2848);

– Oil supplement;

–  Airport fee;

–  Free use of swimming pool;

– Free WIFI at the hotel.

I want to know Guide in Turkey training services. What should I do?

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by phone or email:

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