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Sports training package in Turkey – Football

Sports training package in Turkey – Football

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Training on soccer fields abroad is very popular among teams and attracts clubs from all over the world. There are several benefits to organizing sports training on soccer fields abroad, among them: economic advantages and the opportunity to customize your training field according to the club’s budget.

We work to ensure that clubs receive the best training field. We offer our customers hotels and facilities where soccer fields are approved by renowned sports managers and professionals with extensive experience in performance development.

Also, we prioritize that the food provided in our establishments follows high-quality standards, through a menu with healthy options. We provide fruits during every meal as well.

Note: After requiring our services; you will receive a return in less than 48 hours with a personalized offer.

Our goal

Our team has more than 10 years of experience and can provide the best football fields and training. Our goal is to offer the best possible experience for athletes to achieve maximum performance. Also, our “All The inclusive concept” helps clubs save money and receive everything they need during the training period.


Flight to/from main destination / We work with several major airlines, and we always offer the best match we get.

Transport to/from the airport / Our travel guide is waiting for you when you land at the airport and together you drive to the hotel.


Full board/Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. Drinks are also included in the package.

Breakfast buffet, late breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet / In addition to the usual meals there is always extra if you get hungry.

Also, there are the following:

 – Tea, coffee buffet all day;

–  Free fruit at all meals;

– Specially reserved table at all meals.


– Accommodation at 4-5 star hotel;

– Minibar in the rooms and replenishment of water;

–  Meeting room at the hotel;

–  Storage room for clothing, balls, etc;

–  Fitness room at hotel;

– Room with a massage table for masseur;

–  VIP room for chief coach (suit) (For groups over 25 persons by arrangement);

–  Possibility of the whole team staying on the same floor.


– Rental of courts at hotel incl. in the price;

–  Free transfer to/from the hotel to the courses (If the courses are not part of the hotel);

–  2 x daily training of 90 min / Can be adjusted if needed for more or less;

– 2 x daily wash of training clothes;

–  Springwater during training;

– Opportunity for training matches & mini tournament.


– Travel guide/fixed guide which you always can contact;

– Contribution to the Travel Guarantee Fund (reg. nr. 2848);

– Oil supplement;

– Airport fee;

– Free use of swimming pool;

– Free WIFI at the hotel.

I want to know Guide in Turkey training services. What should I do?

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