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Private Tour in Ephesus

Private Tour in Ephesus

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Private Tour in Ephesus

Ephesus is a millennial city and served as the capital for several empires. Also, it is possible to find in the region several wonders of the ancient world. Besides this historical side, Ephesus has a religious value, because it was where Mary, Mother of Christ, spent her last years of life. Ephesus is a very famous destination among the faithful audience. Three Popes conducted masses consecrating the House of Our Lady that is currently visited as one of the main tourist attractions of the region.  Also, the local is cited in the biblical book of Revelation.

Main sightseeing in the itinerary:

House of the Virgin Mary

This is the house where Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ) has lived during the last days of her life. Accompanied by St. John the Evangelist, Mary was taken to Ephesus from Jerusalem.
NOTE: If you have a group of believers, we can organize a special activity in the chapel of the sanctuary.

Archaeological Site of Ephesus

This archaeological site is very well preserved. In this museum, we made a walk among the ruins of this ancient Greco-Roman city.
During this visit, you can learn how excavations at archaeological sites were made.  Also, we will pass through the following sightseeing during the visit in the archaeological site:

– The great theater;
– Gate Domitian;
– The image of Nika;
– The library of Celsius;
– Temple of Hadrian;
– Fountain of Trajan;
– Temple of Hadrian;
– The Roman Bath;
– The Marble Avenue;
– Odeon City;
– Gate of Heracles
– Mazeus and Mythridates gates;
– Porto Street;
– Temple of Artemis.

Note: If there is a disabled person or with reduced mobility, please advise in advance. We will make appropriate changes to facilitate the participant’s experience.

Diante dos restos do antigo Templo de Artemisia
Diante dos restos do antigo Templo de Artemisia

Our services:
– Guide in English or other languages during the activities in Ephesus;
– Transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa;
– Transfer from the port of Kusadasi to the city;
– Local driver in the Ephesus region (group or individual).

Notes:For these two visits, we suggest you spend at least one day on this tour. Starting at 9 am, we will finish these visits at around 3 pm. 
Ephesus is close to Kusadasi, the port city that receives cruises all year round. So, if you go to Ephesus for a cruise, please contact us to see if we can organize a tour for you and your group.

In the visit to the House of the Virgin Mary, there is a custom to leave a request on the wall. So, prepare your order in advance! In the house, there is also a source considered sacred, in which it is possible to drink water and even save a little to take home, to your family or friends.

Get ready for this meeting!


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