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Measures that will be adopted in Turkey

Measures that will be adopted in Turkey

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Measures that will be adopted in Turkey after in a post-pandemic scenario

Through several new adjustments to its accommodations, the Turkish hotel chain is ready to serve tourists during the high season amid a pandemic. Check out:

Certainly, the tourism industry was the economic sector most affected by the new Coronavirus pandemic. According to research by the World Tourism Organization, the industry will experience a 30% recession in 2020, generating an estimated loss of $ 50 billion. In many cities around the world, the number of visitors has dropped by 90%. Also, several attractions such as museums, amusement parks, stadiums, and concert halls were closed.

Despite the awful situation, Turkish businessmen and workers are reinventing their accommodations and making various adaptations to keep tourism activities in the country – a crucial sector for the economy of the Eurasian nation.

Preparation for high season

Idealizing the safety and health of travelers and professionals who are working in the area, several guidelines were established for the tourism sector.

Last Friday (May 15), Mehmet Nuri Ersoy (Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism) announced the new hygiene and social distance measures that must be followed by hotels and other accommodation establishments. Among them are:

– Hotels must install thermal cameras to measure the body the temperature of their customers and staff and cleaning systems to disinfect luggage;

– Buffets must be removed, and the hotel staff must serve customers. Desserts, fruits, and salads should only be served on disposable plates;

– Loungers must follow distance rules;

– Towels and sheets must be delivered in a closed plastic bags;

– Key cards must be disinfected with ultraviolet lamps;

– Receptionists should use only disposable pens;

– Except for a family group, elevators cannot accommodate more than 1 person;

– Remote controls for configuring TVs, DVDs, and air conditioners must be disinfected frequently.

Caglar Bayrakci, general coordinator of the tourism sector in the country, said that all hotels must follow the new standards and that there will be strict surveillance for establishments to follow the adaptations.

Coronavirus in Turkey

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Turkey occurred on March 11, 2020, after a man who had returned from Europe, tested positive for the disease. The country’s first COVID-19 death occurred on March 15, 2020, and on April 1, it was confirmed that the virus had spread throughout Turkey. To date, the Coronavirus has infected 144,749 people and caused 4,007 deaths across Turkish territory.

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