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IT investment environments in Turkey

IT investment environments in Turkey

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Turkey has one of the best IT investment environments

The information technology (IT) sector has grown steadily in recent years and has transformed itself into a gigantic industry, which generates revenues of US$ 350 billion a year.

However, the biggest problem faced by employers in the market that make investments in the areas of information and communication technology, games, finance, cybersecurity, mobility, agriculture, health, and energy is the difficulty of accessing capital, especially in this pandemic period.

However, unlike many developing countries, Turkey is against the grain in this regard.

IT investments

Infrastructure investments made in Turkey in recent years, which aim to allow competing companies to access export channels after reaching a certain size, are slowly giving dividends.

Recently, Turkish IT companies have carried out important activities that have achieved global recognition.

While countries like Poland, Brazil, and Mexico face problems with qualified labor, Turkey no longer faces this type of deficiency due to investments made in recent years.

Currently, IT entrepreneurship in Turkey is almost entirely supported by the state and large companies. The country promotes entrepreneurship through various development agencies, the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBITAK), and the Development and Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (KOSGEB) Administration.

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Open an IT Company in Turkey

Foreign investors are invited to set up companies in various industries in Turkey. Among the most prolific economic sectors nowadays are retail and information and technology, shortly known as the IT industry. This segment offers many investment possibilities to local and foreign enterprisers moving to Turkey.

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