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Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

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Is it safe to travel to Turkey today?

One of the most fascinating countries in Europe, Turkey can offer amazing experiences for tourists. Check out:

Turkey has over 80 million inhabitants. Although few people know, the country’s capital is Ankara, not Istanbul as many could imagine.

Even though the country is one of the most visited in the world, many people still seek to know whether or not it is safe to travel to Turkey. The fear of visiting the gateway to the Arab world remains in the minds of some tourists for different reasons.

What is it like to travel to Turkey today?

Recent events of terrorism within Turkey and the unstable climate have caused tourism to decrease by more than 25% in recent years, however, the scenario began to change in 2017.

On TripAdvisor, it is possible to see reports of people who have traveled in the past months and met Istanbul and other destinations in Turkey with no worries. Many tourists and groups visit Turkey and realize that all this concern is not so well-founded.

Since July last year, the alert for terrorist attacks has cooled down, in large cities it is common to see army guards on the streets, one of the measures to prevent possible attacks.

Furthermore, crime rates in Istanbul, the country’s largest city, is very low. In tourist areas, policing is further strengthened. The city is really big and very safe.

The Turkish population is also extremely friendly and loves to receive visitors, a huge contrast to what arrives in the country expecting a the violent environment from a country always at war.

Even after the attacks, the the population lives as if nothing had happened, walking the streets in total tranquility, vibrant cities, full of bars, and nightclubs.

For Ilayda Basaran, a Turkish student who has lived in Istanbul all his life, there is no danger for visitors.

“I just received a friend from Bulgaria and everything went very well. As long as visitors do not get too far from tourist cities, nothing too much should happen,” she said.

The recommendation of international bodies is to avoid cities in Turkey that border Syria and Iraq because of the proximity to these countries, which have long been controlled, makes the region a little more risky.

Outside of these places, traveling around Turkey is completely safe, even for the most vulnerable travelers like women traveling alone.

It is a fact that women are more likely to suffer violence during a trip than men, and the view of some countries concerning women further increases the concern of travelers.

Although the majority of Turkey’s population is Muslim, the country is secular and much more modern than we

think. The use of handkerchiefs or burqas to cover the head is not mandatory, so much so that many young Turks are no longer joining the practice.

However, It’s good to avoid very short clothes and large cleavages to prevent uncomfortable looks, but there is no need to fill with layers, a simple T-shirt is more than welcome.

The only places where a handkerchief will be mandatory are in mosques and this is just a sign of respect that the foreigner needs to have with the visited culture. No one is allowed to enter with the shoulders or lap.

 The Turkish population, owner of fascinating history, has also not been shaken by fear and you will not regret knowing the kindness of these people while watching the desert landscape of Cappadocia on top of a hot air balloon, or while walking through the popular fairs and Istanbul galleries. Turkey is unforgettable and traveling to the country is always a good choice.

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