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Interesting facts about Turkey

Interesting facts about Turkey


1- Turkey’s only ice museum Ata Ice Museum, in Erzurum, one of the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey, is waiting for its visitors.
2- One of the most important Seljukian buildings and symbols of Erzurum, the Çifte Minareli Medrese, on UNESCO’s World Heritage Temporary List.

In Kastamonu:
Mahmut Bey Mosque was commissioned by Mahmut Bey, a member of Candarid house in 1366. The mosque is unique in its building style for no cement is used in the construction.

In Adıyaman:
Cendere Bridge is 55 km from Adıyaman, over the Kahta creek, it is one of the oldest bridges known in the world and still in use;


Pamukkale Travertines are one of fewest beautiful places to see, they are also mentioned in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


-The common heritage of Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks in Anatolia: Ani Ruins. Registered as a World Heritage Site in 2016.

-Ebu’l Manuçehr mosque, the first Turkish mosque in Anatolia built in the place known as the Ruins of Ani, in Kars is being restored.

Did you know that the therapy with the sound of water and music therapy were adopted in the Sultan Bayezid Hospital Complex?
The therapy with the sound of water and music therapy were adopted in the Sultan Bayezid Hospital Complex.


1- The Grand Canyon in the US is compared to Levent Canyon in Malatya, where rock formations dating back 65 million years.
2- An 800 year-old place of worship (Cemevi) located in the Arapgir district of Malatya.

3- Aslantepe Mound where the oldest city state of #Anatolia was established and the oldest mudbrick palace known in the world.

1- In 2020 Ancient city of Patara in Antalya was declared as the year of Patara by Turkey, where world’s first parliament building.
2- Turkey’s first underwater museum: “Side Underwater Museum” in Antalya.
3- Kaputaş Beach is a small beach between Kaş and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey. Türkiye Bayrağı It’s a world famous beach and popular among visitors to the region due to its natural environment and views.

1- Van cats with fluffy white hair, are considered to be one of most beautiful breeds that each eyes have different colors.
2- The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Van’s Aghtamar Island, whose restoration was completed in 2007, is one of the beauties of the region.


1- Turkey’s southern province Hatay, which was chosen for UNESCO Creative Cities Network, boasts over 600 local tastes.
2- Habib-I Neccar Mosque (in Hatay) is the oldest mosque in Turkey, It was built in 636 AD.

1- Çorum, Hattusa is the first known capital of Anatolia. It was included in the World Heritage List in 1986.
2- Kapılıkaya monumental rock tomb, Çorum: The Hellenistic era rock stone dating back to BC second century belongs to commander IKEZIOS. It has a trapezoid ground 65 meter above from the stream.


1- The ancient city of Ephesus in the Selcuk district of Turkey’s İzmir, where the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is also located.
2- It is believed that Virgin Mary have spent her last years with St. Jean [Yuhanna], in this church which is located in Selcuk, İzmir


  • A Botanical Paradise in İstanbul: Atatürk Arboretum.
  • The world’s first car ferry came into use on the Üsküdar-​Kabataş route in 1871.
  • Sveti Stefan Church (Iron Church) in Balat, which was restored in 2018 and opened for worship in İstanbul to attendt for bulgarian people ın city.
  • The world’s first submarine was built by the #Ottoman architect İbrahim Efendi under the name “Tahtelbahir” in 1719.


-World’s second deepest canyon: In Kastamonu, Valla Canyon.


The Yozgat City Hospital has become the first hospital in Europe to be designated as a “Stage 7 Fully Electronic Hospital” on the EMRAM model.


  • Seen as world’s oldest-known human settlement, Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk, was founded 9,000 years ago in Konya.


1- The World’s first animal hospital ‘Gurabahane-i Laklakan’ was founded in #Bursa in the 19th century.

1- Gobeklitepe, one of the oldest temple, is 6,500 years older than Stonehenge and 7,000 years older than the Pyramids.

1- Turkey’s largest and the world’s second-largest crater Lake, Nemrut, mesmerizes visitors with its natural beauty.
2- The towering Seljuk tombstones, located at Bitlis’s Ahlat district was the biggest historical cemetery in the Turkish-Islamic world;

Ağrı :

1- Take a look at the amazing scenery of the Ararat Mountain, Ağrı Mountain, the highest point in Turkey.

1- In Mersin, Muslim, Jewish, Christian graves in the same place.

1- The underground city of Derinkuyu in #Nevşehir was built in the 8th – 7th centuries BCE and reaches a depth of 60 m.

1- Tomb of Noah the Prophet is located in Cizre, Şırnak.


1- The Dark Canyon (Karanlık Kanyon) is one of the world’s largest canyons in Erzincan.

One of Samsun’s most breath taking sights located on the Altinkaya Dam. Turkey’s second largest #canyon, the Sahinkaya Canyon with its dense forests, trekking and climbing routes, a hidden gem & an unmissable location in the BlackSea region.

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