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Hotel caverna da Capadócia

Hotel caverna da Capadócia

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Discover the Kandil House Hotel

One of the highlights of Cappadocia is staying in a cave hotel. Nowadays, hundreds of small cave hotels have appeared in the region. Most of these accommodations are located in Göreme, it is a village that offers many attractions to its visitors, such as restaurants, quadricycles, and horse riding.

Nonetheless, besides this village, the most interesting point that I can recommend you is Uçhisar. Another village, which is located on the highest peak slope in Cappadocia, from where you can see the region. In this village, you will find the most luxurious hotels and the first examples of Cave hotels, such as the Museum Hotel, CCR, Argos hotel, and Kelebek Evi.

These hotels are quite well known in the tourism market. But their prices are also higher.

In this case, my recommendation is a hotel that is close to these and has the same view and the same exoticism. Of course, it is quite simple, modest, and honest, but it is comfortable as well.

Kandil House, run by a local family, is a good alternative for those looking for accommodation. They serve coffee in the morning every day, clean it up, and even receive people from the street to their restaurant open both at lunchtime and for dinner. The price of the course is simple as well. From €50 euros, we can book a reservation at this hotel for you.

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