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Hot air Balloon

Hot air Balloon

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How hot air Balloon tour in Cappadocia works?

What you need to know before taking Cappadocia balloon tours. Check out:

For many travelers, flying over Cappadocia on a balloon ride is like making a dream come true! And it is not for less, the tour that is a postcard of the country, has become a mandatory stop for foreigners who visit the destinations of Turkey and want to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Some arrive just to appreciate the landscape of the colorful balloons that parade scattered across the sky, others make sure to stay in the city of Cappadocia with a privileged view of the Goreme National Park, where everything happens. No matter the reason, everyone visiting Turkey wants to see Cappadocia on this trip.

The balloon ride is the best known, but when you get there you will see that there are several other attractions and cool things to know and amend in the same itinerary. Both in Istanbul, Cappadocia, and surrounding cities. The balloon rides operate inside the Goreme National Park, a place that is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and stands out for its picturesque rock formations scattered throughout the area. Flying over this landscape is one of the most sought after experiences by tourists visiting Cappadocia, and without a doubt this trip will remain in your memory forever.


As this is the a main attraction in the region, schedule your balloon ride before reaching your destination. 

Eventually balloons are not allowed to rise due to natural problems such as wind and weather issues, so an important tip is to plan the day of your flight’s arrival and departure, either through Istanbul airport or Cappadocia, as this way, if If something unexpected happens, you will have the chance to fly on other days.


All companies pick up passengers at their respective hotels for the first time, usually from 5:30 am to 6:00 am, which is the period when the weather conditions are most appropriate to make the flight safely.

During the assembly of equipment, the agency offers breakfast at the place where the balloon will be inflated. The flight is done so smoothly that you barely notice that it left the ground, the average duration is 1 hour, but there are other options with more time. This is one of the main tourist tours in Turkey, and it is done daily, always thinking about the comfort and safety of tourists.

Each balloon fits between 12 and 16 people, on the balloon ride passengers, can follow a wonderful sunrise in the region, which is even more beautiful with the other balloons that color the entire Cappadocia region.

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How can Guide in Turkey help me?

If you are in Turkey, we can schedule these visits on a private tour. Also, we offer other packages to the main destinations in the country, transfers, accommodation, and much more.

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