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Historical Istanbul Cemeteries

Historical Istanbul Cemeteries

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Istanbul Cemeteries

Istanbul is a city famous for its historic cemeteries. Some of them are super interesting, even worth a walk or a guided tour.

Here are some of them:

-Karaca Ahmet Mezarlığı

The largest in the city and most cited in books. It is located on the Asian side.

– Aşiyan Mezarlığı

This cemetery offers an incredible view of the Bosphorus. It appears a lot in Turkish soap operas.

– Eyüp Mezarlığı

This historical place houses the tomb of a Prophet. Also, it is famous for historical stonework from ancient centuries.

– Zincirlikuyu Mezarlığı

– The most famous of modern Istanbul life is here. It worth a visit due to its decoration.

– Beşiktaş Nakşibendi Mezarlığı

Beautiful place with a stunning view and impressive atmosphere.

– Sünbül Efendi Mezarlığı

Modest place in the middle of a busy life.

– Edirnekapı Mezarlığı

A place where the history of the fall of Constantinople is marked.

See here a story of the life of Prophet Muhammed about cemeteries

One day, Prophet Muhammed (s.a.v) passed in a cemetery and stopped sadly in front of two tombs. Their companions realized that he was saddened and wanted to know why. He responded by saying that these two are suffering from punishment for small sins. One did not protect against spills of urine and another used to gossip about people. Then he took a green branch and divided it. He planted each piece of branch in the land of these two tombs. His companions watched everything he did and in the end, asked him.

Why did the Lord do this? We don’t understand. ” I hope they are benefited and reduced from punishment until this branch turns green –  he completed.

The lessons of this story:

– Peeing while standing is a sin according to many sayings of the Prophet.

– Gossiping is another sin that causes a person to be punished.

– Planting a tree or a flower brings benefits to those who motivate or trigger or shelter.

– Muslims can visit cemeteries taking care of the graves of deceased people even if they are not known.

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