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Here are some comments about our package.​

Here are some comments about our package.​

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Here are some comments about our package.​

My wife and I were in Istanbul from April 24th to 28th, 2018 and we count on the excellent accompaniment of the guide Ersin who gave us three days of great knowledge about the itineraries in Istanbul. Ersin took us to all the main sights of Istanbul and some that only locals frequent, which made our journey through the city even more authentic and exceptional. Ersin was brilliant in his explanations, without letting the tour get monotonous at any time.

Alexandre Lasmar​

I really enjoyed the service and punctuality of the tours, the guides are great, both Ali Rehber and Abdullah who welcomed us in Istanbul. In addition, the transfer worked well. I loved it!
Ana Paula​

Hi Jessica, the trip was wonderful. certainly, I thank you for all your patience with me! Thanks Now, the guides that accompanied me made all the difference because they showed me everything and the night in Istanbul .. I left this city knowing a lot! It was one of the best trips I’ve done !!! I had a lot of fun, I hardly slept, so much because of the tour schedules because I had to wake up early 🙈 but I was late .. It was all right, yes! Some setbacks, but nothing that was so negative! My photos from the rehearsal were top! I did cappadocia rehearsal and in Istanbul .. I’m waiting for them to send the edited ones.

Carla Gemaque

Good morning Mr Mehmet!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very bright 2020 for you and your family! I take this opportunity to thank you for the tour we did with you in Istanbul! I will cherish the memories of this trip to Turkey 🙏🏻🎄🎄🎄


Hi Jessica!

Loving Cappadocia and Ersin has been an excellent guide!​

Monica Gomes​

“I would like to inform you that the experience we had while doing the 8-hour tour with our already friend Abdullah was fantastic. all the shortcuts to make the most of time so that we don’t waste time on unproductive walks. I have compliments to Abdullah and the Tours team in Istanbul.​

Luiz Eduardo​

We are delighted with your service and organization! ​

Karla Rocha ​

Wonderful Tours! We’re loving it! Worth every minute! The excellent professional guide!​

Ozaias batista​

We love the tours. Everything was very organized, I left it to them to organize and it was perfect, very good hotels and unforgettable days, not to mention Mehmed Ali who with all his concern organized everything perfectly, from the guides in Istanbul to Ozan, she is very cute and we love it, and the Galip guide very funny and very intelligent as we said he knows how to tell the stories of the locals well. Thanks and Super recommend.​

Carla Lazzari​

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