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Hair transplant surgery package

Hair transplant surgery package

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Surgery in  8 steps

First Step: Sending photos

Firstly, you have to send us an e-mail and some photos highlighting the bald area of your head, the capillary donor region (nape), and the entire capillary area.
After that, the photos will be sent to the hospital’s medical team who check your condition and give you an estimate of the number of follicles that will be needed for application during the surgery. 
Note: This consultation is free.

Second step:  confirmation, clinic response, and reservation

After the result of the professional, we will return the contact sending you the feedback about the feasibility of the transplant. We will be arranging the best date for your surgery and travel to Istanbul.

Third step: contract and travel programming

You will receive the contract via email within 24 hours. If you do not receive it within this period, please contact us.
We will also send the voucher with all the schedule of your trip, hotel, day of surgery, post-operative treatments, information of the guide that will accompany you during the process and itinerary of the tour.

Fourth step: first day in Istanbul – arrival, and transfer

After you arrive at the Istanbul airport, our receptionist will be waiting for you with a cardboard sign with your name written in it.
Then, we will drive toward the hotel with our private van. This hotel is located in the historical part of Istanbul where you will be able to feel all the energy and originality of being in such an interesting and exotic country.

Fifth step:  second day in Istanbul

Our guide will pick you at the hotel and leave you at our hospital for medical consultation and preoperative blood tests. After everything is done, the doctors will start the surgery, and we will spend the entire day at the clinic. The transplant lasts about 5 to 6 hours.
During surgery, PRP is used (blood manipulation and transformation technique that aims to accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue, tendons, and cartilage). At the end of the day, we will place the tray in the donor part and the doctor will guide how you must spend the first night in the hotel.
At the end of the day, we will leave you at the hotel.
Note: Breakfast at the hotel included for this day.

Sixth step: third day in Istanbul
In the morning, our guide will pick you up and you will return to the hospital for the post-surgical consultation with the doctor. The doctor will make some treatments and tell you about the precautions of the first days of post-surgery and will give guidance on how to take care after the surgeries.
In the afternoon, rest at the hotel. Also, you will have free time in Istanbul.

Seventh step: fourth day in Istanbul  
We will have an appointment at the hospital and the doctor follows the post-surgical procedure, does the treatments, guides the use of a tray on the head, and teaches some steps of the procedures after surgery.  
In the afternoon, rest at the hotel. Also free time in Istanbul. 
We will return to the hotel for dinner, if you wish, we can arrange dinner or some other restaurant you wish (please consult this service because it is not included in the package).
Note: Breakfast at the hotel included.

Eighth step:  fifth day in Istanbul and return flight from home
Our van will pick you up from the hotel and takes you to the airport.
In this case, the departure time of the hotel must be calculated 3h30min before the flight time. Please send us your flight schedule and ticket details.

The package price is US$1700.00, including:

  • Prior consultation with a Doctor;
  • Package of 3 nights in the 5-star Hotel with breakfast included;
  • All Transfers: Airport, Hotel, Clinic, and vice versa;
  • Medical examinations performed at the clinic;
  • Surgical Center;
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma);
  • All necessary Medications (medicines);
  • Interpreter service in English;
  • Washing and Care Instruction,
  • Balm and Shampoo,
  • Follow-up for 12 months in the Post-Operative.
    Not included
  • Flight ticket
  • Meals outside the breakfast that is included in the hotel.

We offer the following options:
– Pay with a credit card in 6 x (only in this case we will have to charge 6% of the amount as the cost of fees;
– Pay the entire value in US Dollars at the clinic locally (most recommended).
Note: If you want to take a tour of Turkey and visit other cities, we can propose the surgery package along with the other activities and tours. We have several other suggestions or even something more personalized.

Send us an email: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

Exclusive hair transplantation package

We can issue your international ticket from your city to Istanbul.

If you have plans to go under a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, we would like to know the exact days you want to travel to Istanbul.
We will pay the passage with the options to install up to 10 times.
In this case, you can pay locally in Istanbul in U.S. dollars.

To plan your surgery and trip, we need the following information and documents:

–Photos of your situation to see if the surgery can be processed or not;
– Exact dates of your trip;
– From which city you will travel to;
– The number of people that will join you;
–if you will travel with the stopover flight as it is more economical or with a direct flight.

To schedule and request the reservation please contact. Send us an e-mail: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

Hair Transplant Process

1. Online Consultation
After you send the photos of your hair taken from the sides, the top and the back, the doctor examines them and informs you about a suitable operation plan. To submit your photos, you can use WhatsApp or our contact form.

2. Creating an Appointment
When you decide to have hair transplant in our clinic, you can create an appointment by calling us.

3.Transportation and Accommodation
For the patients coming outside of Turkey, a transport service is offered between the airport, their hotel and the clinic and, we can also make a reservation in a hotel for you For the patients coming outside of Turkey, a transport service is offered between the airport, their hotel and the clinic and, we can also make a reservation in a hotel for you.
4. 1st Day: Consultation and Blood Test

At the first day, the doctor examines the patient and the necessary tests are done.

5. 2nd Day: Hair Transplant Operation
The second day, the hair transplant operation, which can take approximately 6 hours, is done
under local anesthesia. After the operation, the necessary care routines and drugs are recommended and explained by the doctor.

6. 3rd Day: Dressing and PRP
The day after the operation, the patient comes to the clinic for PRP treatment and dressing.
After PRP, the dressing is removed and the area is sterilized. Then the instructions and the proper hair washing method is explained to the patient.

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