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We created this post to answer the most frequent questions we receive from our customers related to hair transplantation in Turkey.

Where should I start?

A photographic consultation (3 clear pictures of the forehead, top view of the head and donor area) or a personal consultation is the first step in the process.

How to make an appointment?

First, we conduct a consultation via Whatsapp. In addition to this option, it is possible to get help and assessments in our own office in Istanbul.

The final appointment will be made in Turkey with the doctor at the clinic, where the surgery will be performed.

When is the right time to have a hair transplant surgery?

With the latest advances in technology and biochemistry, it is no longer necessary to wait for baldness to reach an advanced degree that causes emotional distress and anxiety. Therefore, it is possible to start the procedure when you are most appropriate.

Is the surgery imperceptible?

Yes, With the hair transplanted using this technique known as “FUE”, your scalp is naturally coated and redesigned according to the angle of the existing hair.


Payment will be made in cash at the clinic in person.

Please contact us to make a reservation:

e-mail: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

Our WhatsApp number:

Ihsan +90 536 817 00 27

Why hair transplantation in Turkey?

Turkey receives people from all over the world interested in hair transplants due to the quality of implant clinics, its qualified professionals and the advanced infrastructure of hospitals.

Financial cost is also taken into account. The surgery performed in Turkey is cheaper than making your own country, even if flight tickets, hotels, surgery, food and other expenses are added.

Eyebrow transplant

Technically, an eyebrow transplant is not much different from a beard transplant.

Although the number of hair follicles to be grafted is not high, the procedure requires great care in order for the procedure to be performed with great precision.

The direction of hair growth of all transplanted hairs must be coordinated and harmonious, so that they are compatible with each other. We must not forget that the follicles are removed from the nape of the neck, so they keep growing.

For this reason, the eyebrows need to be trimmed regularly. A patient who wishes to perform an eyebrow transplant should be aware of the need for such minor maintenance. Another important point that deserves to be highlighted is that the transplant does not require the need for hospitalization, although it does require some post-operative care.

– Surgery for women

Hair transplant surgery can be performed on both men and women who suffer from baldness. The operation can be done at any level, going through some variations due to the existing changes between the sexes.

Differences between female and male baldness:

– Female pattern baldness:

Hair loss among females is a reality. Although there is a predominance of male pattern baldness, there are some women who also suffer from this problem.

Some doctors estimate that 1 in 5 women have some degree of hair loss, which is usually caused by aging, illness or hormonal changes after menopause.

Female pattern baldness is caused mainly by hormonal disorders of genetic origin where testosterone predominates, known as Androgenetic Alopecia – also responsible for baldness in men. Usually, the region most affected is the upper part of the head (crown). Fortunately, the loss is not total, but depending on the degree of thinning, it is possible to see the scalp completely, covered only by a few thinner hairs.

In our clinic, using laser technology, we offer thickening treatment for this region of the crown for women.

Beard transplant

The beard transplant is done through extensions in the hair follicle.

These extensions are bag-like structures, which are located in the hypodermis (deep layer of the skin). Within these layers are the roots of the hair shaft. Each hair follicle has the capacity to produce and grow hair strands, with 90% producing one hair at a time and 10% producing two or more strands at the same time. 

How many follicles will be transplanted?

The procedure will be done according to the required density. Depending on the amount of hair present in the donor area, we will do our best to cover everything in just one session. However, it does not depend on our team or your will. If you have the appropriate follicles with several strands present, we can place up to 6,000 follicles, making almost 15,000 strands in one session. The evaluation will give a more adequate idea on this point.

If the donor part is insufficient to provide the necessary number of follicles, can they be used by those in the pectoral region?

In this situation, the hair would be used to fill the posterior part. If the donor part does not have enough threads, we can use the breast threads. But the preference is to use the wires from part of the head, because the wires transplanted from other points of the body may fall in the future.

Can wires be transplanted from one person to another?

No. Although it is not impossible to transplant hair between individuals, the chances are high that this action will generate future complications, since the implanted hairs will be seen as foreign elements by the body and will be rejected by the body.

What is the interval between hair transplant procedures?

 We recommend an interval between 8-12 months after the first procedure. Visual signs of hair growth allow the surgeon to transplant new grafts more accurately.

Will I feel pain during the surgery?

The patient will feel pain only at the time of injection of anesthesia. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Being the skin anesthetized, there will be no pain or discomfort during the hair transplant operation. Complete sedation is not allowed.

Is hair transplantation also a good option for women?

With modern transplantation techniques, many women who face hair loss are now candidates for the operation. The main factors are a dense and healthy donor area and the patient’s expectations of results.

Why Mini Micro extractor FUE?

With the FUE Mini Micro Extractor, doctors can maintain control of the donor area, so that we can preserve and use the donor area as effectively as possible without damaging it or leaving any trace of the extraction. micro-bike equipment, With 0.6 or 0.7 mm diameter micro-punch (because of this expression, you will not feel the pain and nobody will notice that you were operated on right after 48 hours after surgery).

Is the growth of transplanted grafts in mega sessions affected?

Only an experienced team performs this surgery after the evaluation. Mega-sessions provide excellent density, coverage and natural results, but it is not an option for all patients.

What are the conditions of the clinics for the operation?

The first thing the clinic will ask for are photos of the affected region. They make a visual assessment to see the conditions and analyze whether the technique is the most suitable for your body and your condition.

If the person has any Cardiovascular Disease, and what is it?

If the person has advanced diabetes,

If the person has had any surgery in the past, do you have to report what it was?

If the person has an HIV virus, (it is not operated without authorization from relatives & family)

If the person has a keloid problem, and at what level?

If the person has any allergies,

If the person has a blood clotting problem, and at what level.

Are you interested in all these advantages? Then get in touch with us!

We are a receptive tourism agency and we organize your dream hair transplant surgery.

We take care of your trip and all the necessary procedures!

Is post-operative hair loss normal?

Transplanted hair loss is common after transplantation. It can start from the first week after the postoperative and can continue for up to six weeks. It is a normal issue and should not be a cause for concern. It is normal and occurs to everyone.

After a second or third week, these hairs will fall out. Depending on the case, it may not fall as well. But in general 70% or 80% of transplanted hair will fall out.

In the first two months, you may have the feeling that hair will not grow after you fall. However, after the third month, the new strands are already beginning to be born. In the sixth month, 70% of the transplanted hair will be visible, and by the eighth month, the result will reach 80% or 90%.

The complete result will appear one year after the procedure. In the case of men, the transplanted hair does not fall out.

Why don’t the transplanted threads fall out?

There are basically two types of hair: those that have the genetic code for baldness and those that don’t.

The micro implant transplants a healthy unit that maintains this characteristic throughout life.

How long do I need to rest after the hair transplant?

There is no need for rest.

There will be no swelling or scarring. Swelling can be prevented by using the prescribed medications.

A “crust” will probably be visible for 10 days after the postoperative period.

I need to wear a cap at my workplace. After the surgery, how long should I use it?

You must take care of the surgery for at least 20 days. In 20 days, the transplanted hair is already rooted. That is why every answer is individual and we have to see the case.

How can we perform hair transplantation?

We created a video and an explanatory post that talks step by step about everything about the procedure HERE

Watch my video where I answer common questions:

Is the operation dangerous?

This is a frequently asked question. The advanced technique of replantation does not leave large scars, but punctate scars, which are easier for recovery.

Do not worry! The clinic will be responsible for all necessary examinations prior to surgery.


Which technique is used?

The FUE technique is used, which consists of removing follicles from the donor region and placing them in the baldness area. 

How long does the surgery take?

It lasts on average 6-8 hours, but it can be faster or longer, depending on the conditions and number of follicles.

How many follicles are reimplanted per section?

It depends on the donor area and the affected area. The surgeon will analyze your conditions are good for a long section, but can range from 2000 to 5500 follicles. There are people who have to do more than one section because the area of baldness is greater.

Perfect surgery performed

It is one of the clinics that we work in Turkey for hair transplant surgery. The cost of the surgery package at this clinic is USD 1900 per person. The costs of hosting the companion of the person who is going to have the surgery is already included in the package price until the companion shares the same room with the person.

Will smoking affect my FUE hair transplant operation?

Smoking causes decreased blood flow to the scalp, contributing to poor wound healing. We do not recommend.


What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

PRP is an autologous blood plasma preparation with platelets. Contains growth factors and other proteins that assist in wound healing. To prepare it, 10 to 20 cc of the patient’s blood are placed in a centrifuge that separates the solid from the liquid components. We also use the patient’s plasma to store the grafts until they are transplanted into the scalp, or injecting PRP into the scalp before the grafts are placed.

How are follicles stored?

Follicle storage is one of the main support techniques for follicle survival. We use a storage solution composed of HypoThermosol, Liposomal ATP and patient plasma.

These elements have two benefits: reduction of graft stress during storage and avoiding cell deficiency during and after graft storage. In addition, we use a storage device that cools grafts from 0C to 4C and maintains that temperature.

 After the surgery, how long will it take until I see the results?

It takes 7-8 months to start seeing a cosmetic difference.

In the first two months, you may have the feeling that hair will not grow after falls.

After the third month, the new threads start to be born.

Are there any complications associated with the procedure?

As the placement incisions are small, the risk of postoperative infection is almost zero. You will probably experience a little redness and perhaps some slight swelling in the treatment area.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the operation depends on the number of wires required. Typically, surgeries do not take more than 8 hours. In the case of DHI it can take between 14-15 hours. However, as there is not much difference between the result of FUE and DHI, we prefer to use the most practical and efficient technique – FUE.

DHI is a recommended solution for those who do not want to shave their hair or make an opening in the receptive bed.

Doctor explains frontline planning


Should I schedule the procedure in advance?

We can say that tomorrow we are already able to close the trip. But we can also say that in six months, we will not have vacancies. For this reason, we recommend that you schedule your ticket with us according to the availability of the clinic.

We recommend that you book the program two months in advance.

– Male pattern baldness:

In the vast majority of cases, baldness occurs due to genetics and causes a progressive hair loss that can reach 95% of the head area after 80 years of age. However, there are cases in which baldness manifests early in men over 20 years old.

Male pattern baldness (technically called Androgenetic Alopecia) affects approximately 50% of individuals during their lives.

The individual may have inherited sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). High levels of DHT contribute to hair loss, interrupting the life cycle of the hair follicle in sensitive areas of the scalp. The frontal line and the altarpiece are the first areas usually affected.

In our clinic, from any age, you can carry out your assessment on the situation of your baldness to determine the restoration plan with hair transplant surgery.

Before surgery, we must fill out a form with the patient where we will ask the following questions (the patient must be frank in these answers).


It is a hospital for cosmetic surgeries where Dr. Ergin Er performs his hair transplant operations in addition to other cosmetic surgeries.

In this hospital we have several operating rooms dedicated to hair transplant surgery for our patients.

 We are promoting a Hair Transplant package!

The value of the surgery package with this hospital is $ 1700.00 dollars, including the following services:

 – Prior consultation with a doctor on site;

 – Surgery with FUE technique and sapphire blade

 – Differentiated structure in a hospital with its own headquarters, highly qualified

– 3 nights in a 4 or 5 star hotel, with breakfast (if the passenger comes with a companion, there will be no additional cost). The hotel we work in is a 4-star hotel and is 50 meters away from this hospital. The 5 star hotels in this neighborhood are super expensive depending on the period and the season. If the customer wants to stay in a 5-star hotel, in this case we will have to see the conditions and values of one of these 5-star hotels.


We don’t want to let the patient stay in a very distant neighborhood just for the sake of offering a 5-star hotel. We seek comfort and enable patient logistics. We want to make it clear that the nearest hotel is best for you during this period as well, as you will not spend your time on traffic and will be free to walk in the city and will have more prevention right after your surgery. You can still count on the hospital base during your stay, in short our focus is on successful surgery;


– All transfers;

 Complete blood tests performed at the hospital;

– Treatment of application of a session of PRP (Platelet-rich plasma). PRP is performed with 4 sessions. For the patient to buy the rest of 3 sessions that will be applied individually for each month after the surgery. ;

– All necessary medication;

– Portuguese interpreter service;

– Washing and care instructions;

– Balm and shampoo;

– Monitoring for 12 months in the postoperative period;

– Surgery report.

In this hospital the surgeon has the custom and allows the use of the follicles acquired by the patient’s chest. Approximately 500-1000 follicles, they manage to total this amount with this donor part.

Services not included

Not included in the package:

– Air tickets (we offer air tickets in separate service, as we cannot pass a predetermined amount as the cost varies depending on the date and place of departure);

– Meals in addition to breakfast at the hotel.

Sedation: If the patient wants to do temporary sedation to avoid feeling pain when applying local anesthesia, which is a series of injections. In this hospital we have this option and it is not included in the package price. The amount will be an additional 300 USD. Recommended for those who are sensitive to injections.

DHI: The surgery can be performed with the injection pen technique which is known with the abbreviation of DHI worldwide. This technique has a different value as well. Please consult this service in your case. If you choose the DHI technique there is no need to shave your head. For this reason, we recommend this technique for women.

You can find the hospital’s licensing on Turkey’s Ministry of Health website.

Click here and download the PDF file and find the name of the hospital in this list.

We have performed the surgery since 2018 and we have hundreds of satisfied patients so far. With some of them we had the privilege of having a more detailed chat and the conditions to film or document. Here you can find some examples of these interviews

You can see the testimonials of our patients who chose our hospital to perform this surgery.

1- Paulo Nobrega

2- Jader

3- Elias

4- Marcelo

5- Lúcio

6- Réne

7- Amélio

8- Anderson

9- Alberto


Check the comments of 3 gentlemen who had surgery with this team in this hospital

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To make an assessment, contact our office through the following Whats app: +90 5368170027

For assistance via email, just send your request at our address: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

  Step by step to do hair transplant in Turkey

– Evaluation

In order to make an assessment, we need to know what your baldness situation is like. We request that you send photographs of the nape and sides of the head to our team. To schedule a reservation, please contact us via WhatsApp:

+90 5368170027

We ask that you take four days to stay in Istanbul so that we can fit your surgery. You can buy your arrival ticket. If you prefer, we can do this service, but most of the time, customers follow the promotions and buy your tickets. Generally, we only prepare the hotel and surgery services in the city of Istanbul.


Hair transplant surgery package step by step

Step by step to do hair transplant in Turkey
Hair transplant surgery instructions:

– Send your name and your age and let us know if you have any allergies or health problems (Give us a short bio);

– Send clear photos from all sides of the head to assess the situation of your baldness, especially the part of the neck;

– As soon as we have the doctors’ evaluation, we will return the contact about your situation and we will also send you our proposal;

– To do this transplant, there is no need for hospitalization. Although there are some post-operative care, one day is sufficient, as the procedure is not so complex.

You can buy your arrival ticket to Istanbul. If you prefer, we can also do this service, but most of the time, we only prepare the hotel and surgery part.

As soon as the ticket is purchased, contact our team and send the arrival date in detail with the flight number and time to confirm your reservation at the clinic and organize the reception services and the hotel.

After this step, we will send your voucher with all the details to avoid possible inconvenience when entering the country.

* Note: Before buying the ticket, consult us about the date you plan to see the availability of the day to make the reservation at the clinic.

Day of surgery
– As soon as you arrive at Istanbul airport and pick up your suitcase, you will have our reception at the exit of the airport, where one of our staff will be waiting for you with a sign written on your name.

– Our receptionist will take you to the hotel. If you arrive in the morning and the surgery is scheduled for the same day, he will take you straight to the clinic. 

– The next day, we will take you to the clinic. The doctor will assist you, start blood tests and pre-surgical preparations. We take pictures of your baldness and keep it in our file. After the results arrive favoring the surgery, we charge the payment in cash in USD (American dollars or in Euro according to the quotation of the day);

– The doctor prepares his front line and draws the receptive parts. Local anesthesia is performed in the donor and recipient parts;

– Doctors perform the transplant operation by picking up the follicles from the donor part and transporting it to the recipient part. This process takes 6-8 hours depending on your situation.


– First day:

During the surgery, PRP is performed (a technique for manipulating and transforming the blood that aims to regenerate muscle tissue and tendon injuries in an accelerated manner). At the end of the day, we will place the tray on the donor side and guide you on how to spend that first night at your hotel. Then, we will take you back to your establishment, where you will rest from the afternoon until the next day (mandatory procedure);

During the day, we offer lunch. You will be conscious all the time and you will not be alone. Our interpreter will be with you during the day and will help you with your communication.

– Second day:

We went back to the clinic to check the condition of his scalp and received guidance on how to wash and care for the operated part. It is mandatory to plan your trip with this return visit. On this day, we will deliver your invoice for the surgery.

– Third day:

Return for consultation (not required). During the afternoon, you can stroll peacefully. In the first 10 days, it is recommended to avoid physical effort.

– Fourth day:

We will take you back to the airport to make your return trip to your home country.

Guide service

Our guide will accompany you throughout the process. Our employee is local, knows the city well and speaks Turkish and Portuguese. Therefore, you will have 24-hour support during clinic consultations, tours, hotel check-in and restaurant suggestions. We will provide the name and contact of our employee as required.
Please consult us to check the clinic’s availability for the day you plan to travel!


Additional options for tourism

How about making a round trip to Cappadocia on this arrival in Istanbul? We have two tour options in Cappadocia: 2 nights and 1 day tour and 3 nights and 2 days tour.

Are you interested in all these advantages? Then get in touch with us!

We are a receptive tourism agency and we organize your dream hair transplant surgery. We take care of your trip and all the necessary procedures!

To make an assessment, contact our office through the following Whatsapp: 

+90 5368170027

For assistance via e-mail, just send your request at our address: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

What is the FUE Technique?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an innovative hair transplant technique, minimally invasive, without the need for hospitalization and with a very short recovery time.

The technique consists of manually extracting the follicular units from wire to wire directly from the donor area of ​​the scalp (sides and posterior of the head and neck mainly) using millimeter instruments that have sharp cylindrical edges (micro bikes). After the cut, the follicular units are removed from the scalp with the aid of extremely delicate forceps, replacing them in the bald area, without leaving visible scars. These small lesions are minuscule, so one of the advantages of the FUE method is that healing is extremely fast and there is no need for stitches at the site. Scars are also avoided.

Our clinic in Turkey values ​​to reach the largest number of follicles for transplantation. The goal is to perform a successful hair transplant in the first session. The conditions of each patient are individual and at this moment, the situation of the donor part is very determining to reach the maximum of follicles.

Hair transplant procedure

After removal of the donor area, the follicular units, the hair strand and their follicular families will be stored under saline cooled to 4 ° C below zero. Then, the wires are transplanted into the bald area with a 0.5 mm blade, special needles or microsurgery forceps.

These delicate instruments are important for naturalness and density.

The procedure is done with surgical loupes, as the structures are small and delicate – the smaller the hole to place the grafts, the smaller the residual scar. Consequently, the scar will not be evident to the naked eye. In addition, the method allows transplanting several grafts per 2 cm.

The strands are transplanted, one by one, in the frontal hair line, providing naturalness followed by the following strands where we want more volume. The hair and its respective hair follicles are respected, that is, the transplant does not harm the existing follicles.

As the follicles are the person’s own, there is no rejection of the organism.

It is impossible to use donor follicles, as they would die over time.

The vast majority of grafts integrate and develop, if the surgery is performed by trained teams and performed with the appropriate equipment.

The technique delivers rooted hair in 10-20 days. After the second or third week, these hairs will fall out. Depending on the case, it may not fall as well. But in general 70% or 80% of transplanted hair falls out during this period. In the first two months, you may have the feeling that hair will not grow after falls.

In the third month, the new threads start to be born. In the sixth month, 70% of the transplanted hair will be visible, reaching between 80% – 90% of visibility in the eighth month. The complete result appears at the end of a year. In the case of men, the transplanted hair no longer falls out.

Are you interested in all these advantages? Then get in touch with us!

We are a receptive tourism agency and we organize your dream hair transplant surgery. We take care of your trip and all the necessary procedures!

Technical FUT is no longer used. In Turkey, no one has operated FUT for 15 years.

The FUE differences are better.

See the post of Steps to do hair transplantation.

There is no cut, seam, pain or scar!

Send us the photos at  info@guideserviceinturkey.com

Sapphire Blade is a new step in opening channels to start hair transplantation. With this facility, the patient does not see injuries due to the opening of funds. In the case of our clinic, new equipment is used by each patient. Some clinics use the same blade after sterilization but we prefer to use only one instrument for each surgery due to the sharpness of each sapphire.

Videos of our patients

Are you interested in all these advantages? Then get in touch with us!

We are a receptive tourism agency and we organize your hair transplant surgery. We take care of your trip and all the necessary procedures!

To make an assessment, contact our office through the following  e-mail : info@guideserviceinturkey.com

Or you can send message with WhatsApp: +90 536 817 00 27

– Implant

The implant is an artificially elaborated material that is inserted or grafted into an organic structure and becomes an integral part of it.

Examples of implant are: dental prosthesis, silicone prosthesis, etc.

The word hair implant would only be correct if it were referring to the implant of synthetic threads.


Hair transplantation is a minimal risk and very safe procedure.

Significant complications are extremely rare. Some patients refer to a “tension” in the donor area between one or two days. In this case, the doctor will prescribe a pain reliever to relieve the sensation.

The scar of the donor area due to the removal of the donor skin is usually very narrow and can be easily hidden by the surrounding hair.

The grafted sites in the frontal recipient area evolve without leaving visible scars and are covered by the transplanted hair.

In some patients, a larger or smaller swelling may occur on the forehead, in the first days, but it should not cause concern, as it disappears shortly afterwards with the use of cold or icy compresses.

Some patients report a small area of numbness above the donor incision and in the central area of the scalp for a few months. There is no loss of sensitivity, if it occurs, it will be momentary.

Small scabs form over each graft. They can be camouflaged by the pre-existing hair combed over them.

Even after surgery, the point the patient will experience will be local anesthesia that will take a few weeks.

The transplanted hair seems to grow, but soon comes off the scalp; the roots, however, remain in a dormant state for 03 months, when then the new hair begins to grow.

Small inflammations can occasionally occur around a newly transplanted follicle and are similar to an ingrown hair or spine. They usually regress spontaneously or with the use of hot compresses. If it persists, the doctor with the proper use of sterile instruments assists in the birth of hair.

 Necessary notes that you should note before entering Turkey

Traveling and entering Turkish territory is not difficult compared to other countries in the world. Turkey does not make complex immigration requirements and inspections at the airport, It has direct flights leaving  on a weekly basis from most of big countries. However, there are details you need to be aware of before traveling. Check out:


– Validity of your passport

 Before traveling, check that your passport is still valid for at least 6 months. Tourists armed with passports of less than that validity will not be able to enter the country.



 Citizens of many countries who has a passport do not need a visa to enter Turkey as a tourist. However, the visa will be necessary if you want to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

 It is not allowed to travel with explosive or sharp items in your hand luggage.

It is not allowed to carry containers with a capacity greater than 100 ml in your carry-on luggage (except baby food and food specially prepared for medical reasons).

Make sure that all electronic devices carried in your hand luggage are turned off.

It is recommended that you remove the battery from electronic devices and pack it separately before placing it in your luggage.


 Turkey does not require a yellow fever vaccine or any other type of vaccination certificate. It has the vaccination card is optional.


For those who are going to have Hair Transplant surgery, it is not recommended to drink alcohol for 3 days before surgery.

Travel insurance: It is not mandatory to enter the country, only we recommend that you have a plan. We can issue insurance for you. It’s cheap and covers a lot. RECOMMENDED!

Informative videos about the surgery