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From our passengers

From our passengers

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Adriana Mangerona and family.

Check out testimonial from client Adriana Mangerona, who made an itinerary with us in 2013

“Our trip to Turkey in the second half of March 2013 was fantastic. We travel more than 3,000 km for parents and have the most incredible experiences, ranging from the balloon ride in Cappadocia to the unmissable crazy taxi ride through the streets of Istanbul, because what they run…

It all started with a plane trip through Turkish, in a beautiful Boeing 777-300ER, year 2011, with the smell of a new car and excellent service. The company has a “Comfort Class”, intermediate between the executive and the economic, which is worth knowing. Executive seating and excellent service, with a small buffet open during flights. The journey is long, lasting 13 hours, but very pleasant and comfortable. The flight is right between São Paulo and Istanbul.

Upon arrival in Istanbul, one realizes that it is a beautiful city, with large flower beds, full of contrasts, full of Mosques, heavy traffic and people from all over the world. It also has ruins from ancient Constantinople (now I found out why it was the richest city in the world for 1,000 years). The Muslims’ manifestation of faith, especially around the Mosques, is striking and impressive. They are peaceful, orderly, polite and helpful.

We were at a certain moment lost in the shopping center of the Taksim district and a street vendor – who only spoke Turkish – took our hotel card, called the establishment and then gave the coordinates for its location. It was kind enough.

The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia are unmissable. Sumptuous, tall and gigantic monuments, well maintained, with a lot, but a lot of history, which was always revived by our excellent guide, Mehmet Ali, who had already lived in Brazil and spoke fluent Portuguese in an impeccable way. We were also lucky with our tour group, as it was a lively, united and disciplined group in terms of schedules and visits.

The Grand Baazar was also impressive. More than 4,000 stores, where you can find everything and more: Jewelry, gold, leather, carpets, clothes, antiques, etc.

Small shops and a world of salespeople speaking all languages and sipping the famous apple tea in small glasses everywhere. And they actually sell speaking all languages, from Portuguese to Chinese, a detail that caught our attention a lot, as well as the way of approaching sales, where a much higher price was always placed to be negotiated and obviously reduced. This was even funny, as a “fight” between buyer and seller practically started until everything was solved, in peace, with the sale of around 60 to 70% of the order. There was no lack of an invitation to have tea inside the store, even though in the end nothing was purchased. All salespeople are worth mentioning, they are polite, attentive and apparently do not care if nothing is acquired after a long negotiation. It’s their custom …

In Turkey, exchange offices are found side by side. It is very easy to exchange Euro and Dollar for Turkish Liras in general trade and in the vicinity of hotels. Many ATMs also exist around the city.

Turkish cuisine is also diverse, attractive and delicious. The flavors are extremely pleasant. A lot of Kebab, eggplant, lamb chop, meat sfiha, cheese, fish, artichokes, hummus, etc. We don’t find anything strange. In fact, the children loved the dishes and the service of the waiters, who did everything to please everyone.

And the Spice Bazaar !!! I’ve never seen so many people in the same square meter shopping. We visited the place on a Saturday, a shopping day, so imagine the agglomeration of tourists with the local population. There you can find all the good and the best. It would run like ours at Christmas time, December 24th. Quality fresh fruits, nuts, apricots, seeds, wines, wonderful breads … it even makes you feel good when you remember that fantastic place.

Istanbul also has excellent restaurants, catering to all tastes. Its night is bright, with intense movement of people, and its look, around the Bosphorus Strait, has no equal.

After Istanbul, where you must stay at least 3 days, we leave for Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Large and modern city, with an incredible museum of Anatolian civilization, in addition to the imposing Mausoleum of Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey. In fact, patriotism in Turkey draws attention, as the country’s flags are found in homes and commercial establishments everywhere.

Then Cappadocia. Really beautiful thing. The balloon ride was the biggest adventure of our lives. Very safe and organized, this tour is one of the most sought after by tourists. The balloon leaves at about 6:00 am, with sunrise, between mountains and volcanic ruins, and lasts for one hour. The flight is smooth and quiet. In our “basket” there were 22 people. 130 balloons went up that day. Our photos were so incredible that many think it was montage. At this point, we were even lucky, because the day before and after our tour the balloons did not leave the ground due to bad weather. On our day, however, the sky was open, beautiful and clear. The landscape, in fact, is indescribable …

We also visited the churches excavated in Göreme, the Chapel of Saint Jeorge and many other remarkable places. We saw camels and bought the famous cloth dolls from the region.

We watched a Derviches show, with Brazilian dancer Clara, who was excellent and very cheerful.

Then we pass by Konya, Pamukkale, with its beautiful waterfalls formed by limestone salt waters, in addition to kusadası, with its magnificent beach.

We then left for Troy, marked by its history and its ruins, as well as by Ephesus, a second Rome, with raised palaces, where there is also the “Mary’s house”, a holy place, of great respect and silence.

We went to Pergamo and Canakkale on the way back, then returned to Istanbul with the end of our fantastic trip. So it was a great adventure.

It was very worthwhile to visit Turkey, even with small children, as it is a country where we feel very safe, with several people speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English, having a welcoming and respectful people.

Turkey, by the way, has exceeded all of our expectations. It went far beyond what we expected and imagined. Finally, our special thanks to our exemplary guide Ali, who showed his country as a prepared and highly qualified host of the highest category.


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