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Footsteps of the Apostle Paul through Turkey

Footsteps of the Apostle Paul through Turkey

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Summary of the trip following in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul through Turkey

First day: Departure and arrival in Istanbul;
Second day: Istanbul tours;
Third day: Istanbul tours;
Day 4: Travel to Antioquia by plane and city tours;
Fifth day: Visits in Tarsus and accommodation in Cappadocia;
Sixth day: Tours in Cappadocia;
Seventh day: Cappadocia, Konya and Pamukkale;
Eighth day: Visits in Pamukkale and Laodicea – Afternoon Tours in Ephesus;
Ninth day: Trip to Pergamon and visits to Acropolis – Lodging in Tróia;
Tenth day: Visits in Troy and in the afternoon return to Istanbul. Accommodation in Istanbul.
Eleventh day: Free day in Istanbul
Twelfth day: Return to country of origin

Biblical places to visit during the package – «Paul’s Ways through Turkey»

Syrian Antioch – Current name: Antakya
Tarsus – Current name: Tarsus
Derbe – Current name: Derbe
Stripe – Current name: Meram de Konya
Iconium – Current name: Sille de Konya
Pisidian Antioch – Current name: Isparta – Yalvaç
Laodicea –C urrent name: Laodikya
Ephesus – Current name: Selçuk
Pergamum – Current name: Bergama
Troy – Current name: Çanakkale

1st Day – Departure from your country/arrival in Istanbul/Turkey.

Group meeting at International Airport in your origin country and departure to Istanbul/Turkey at 3:55 AM. Arrival in Istanbul/Turkey at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport (IST) at 22:30 PM (+or- 12 hours of flights).

Arrival in Istanbul with reception by our representative at the Airport then Hotel for accommodation. Overnight in Istanbul.

Accommodation: Hotel in Istanbul

Airline: Turkish airlines.

2nd Day – Visit Istanbul all day visiting the main points of the city

Breakfast at the hotel with departure at 09:00 am.

After breakfast at the hotel, our guide will meet you at the establishment at 9 am. Then, you will visit the main points of the city.

Among the tourist attractions on the itinerary are:

– Museum of Santa Sofia;
– Roman Hippodrome;
– Blue Mosque;
– Literature Museum (currently candy shop);
– Column of Constantine (Çemberlitash);
– Çemberlitash Hammam;
– Basilica of the Cistern;
– Bedesten bazaar;
– Grand Bazaar.

Hagia Sophia: Basilica converted into mosque. Currently, it is considered one of the great works of world architecture (admission fee included in the package);

Roman Hippodrome: Area destined for chariot racing (Exempt from visiting fees);

Blue Mosque: Famous for its magnificent interior decorated with Iznik tiles, the work has an enchanting elegance (Exempt visitor’s fee);

After visiting these points, you and our guide will stop for lunch (optional, however, we take an hour break between tours).At around 13hrs, we will continue the tour with the following visits:

Basilica Cistern: The largest of the cisterns built in Istanbul during the Byzantine era. This building was built in a few months during the year 532 and has 336 Roman columns (admission fee included in the package).

Grand Bazaar: Situated in the historic district of Eminönü, the Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in the world. The space has 3000 stores, offering food, jewelry, rugs, ceramics and much more (Exempt from visiting fees).

After visiting the Grand Bazaar, our guide will take you to the hotel, or if you prefer, you can stay even longer at the location, returning to the hotel without our guide at your own time.

The guide’s service ends around 17:00. The Grand Bazaar closes at 19:00.

Accommodation: Hotel in Istanbul

Meals: Breakfast.

3rd Day- Istanbul/Egyptian Bazaar/ Topkapi Palace/ Bosphorus Tours.

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, our guide will meet you at the establishment at 9:00 am (if you prefer, it is possible to change the time). Then, you will visit the main points of the city.

Among the tourist attractions on the itinerary are:

– Topkapi Palace Museum;
– On foot, the rose garden;
– Former PTT building;
– Orient Express station;
– New Mosque;
– Turkish coffee tasting;
– Boat trip on the Bosphorus Strait (1h30 min sailing);
– Walk through Eminonu square;
– Crossing the Galata Bridge to the Karakoy district (walking);
– Egyptian bazaar and the city’s famous spice shops.
– Egyptian Bazaar*: This place is also known as the “spice market”.

The space was built in 1660, during the Ottoman Empire.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (paid separately)

Accommodation: Hotel in Istanbul

Meals: Breakfast.

4th Day – Flight to Adana and visits to Antioquia.

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport, assistance with boarding formalities and departure on regular Turkish Airlines flight – TK2252 at 10:00 am to Adana. Arrival at 11:55. Transport by bus or bus to Antioquia com.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (Included, without drinks)

Visits on this day are: The Igreja da Gruta de S.Pedro, celebration of the Eucharist. Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Antioquia. Arrival and dinner at the Hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel in Adana

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

5th Day – Visits in Tarsus and trip to Cappadocia – ANTIOQUIA / TARSO / CAPPADOCIA

After breakfast, we will visit the city of Tarsus, located in the historic region of Cilicia (in the current province of Mersin), on the banks of the Tarsus River, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

With a history of over 9,000 years, Tarsus was an important point for several civilizations, including the Romans.

The city was the point of the first meeting of Emperor Marcus Antony and Cleopatra.

However, the main highlight of the city is the house where it keeps traces of the Apostolo Paulo’s life, along with the water well that marked the place as one of the starting points of pilgrimage trips following in the footsteps of Paulo, from Tarsus. In addition to this location, we will visit the Church of São Paulo.

This church was built in 1102, but the current structure – a basilica – appears to have been built or rebuilt in 1862. On the roof, there are frescoes by Jesus, Mark, Lucas and Juan. Celebration of the Eucharist on the way.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (Included, without drinks)

After lunch at a local restaurant in Antioquia, we will take the road to the Cappadocia region (250 km). Arrival at the hotel for rest.

Accommodation: Hotel in Cappadocia.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6th Day – Dedicated day to Cappadocia – Full day tour.

Breakfast at the hotel. Optional option to take a hot air balloon ride at dawn. Day dedicated to discovering this wonderful and unique region in the world.

Cappadocia owes its creation to the eruptions of the now extinct Argeia / Erciyes, Hasan Dag and Melendiz volcanoes. The lava and ash expelled by the volcanoes formed a very soft “tufa” that the rain and wind carved, thus forming lunar landscapes that so characterize this region.

This wonder of nature was enriched by the arrival of the first Christians who chose this area to take refuge from the persecutions of the Romans.

Excavating the tuff, churches, monasteries and underground cities were built. Visit the Göreme Valley with its rock churches decorated with frescoes and biblical paintings from the 16th century. X and XI, crossing the Avcilar Valley and visiting the Develi Valley.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (Included, without drinks)

In the afternoon visit to an underground city. These cities, built for security reasons, mainly as protection from the onslaught of the Arabs between the 7th and 12th centuries, could house hundreds of people.

Its galleries were made up of rooms, kitchens, presses and their protection was ensured by interesting defense systems.

Visit to the Red Valley and the Fortress of Uçhisar. Celebration of the Eucharist on the way. Dinner and accommodation.

Accommodation: Hotel in Cappadocia.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 7 – Trip from Cappadocia to Pamukkale and visits to Konya.

Breakfast at the hotel. Travel to Konya, the former capital of the Sekjuk Empire, an important religious and cultural center of the 18th century. XIII.

On the way, stop to visit the Agzikarahan Caravanserai from the Seljuk period. Arrival in Konya, visit the Museum of Mevlana, former convent of the Dancing Dervishes founded by Mevlana, famous Islamic mystic.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (Included, without drinks)

Continuation of the trip to Hierapólis and Pamukkale, passing by Çay and Dinar. Hierapolis, a Hellenistic-Roman city famous for its thermal baths, was frequented by thousands of patients in search of a cure for their ailments.

Many of them stayed there and died, giving rise to the Necropolis, characterized by the richness and diversity of its tombs, sepulchers and sarcophagi.

Free time at “Castelo de Algodão”, unique in the world with its limestone thermal pools and petrified waterfalls. It consists of a travertine plateau formed by limestone precipitation from a spring that rises on the slope.

Water overloaded with limestone salts descending in steps, forming basins with fluted edges of lilial whiteness. Celebration of the Eucharist on the way. Dinner at the Hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel in Pamukkale

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Note: The visit to Pamukkale swimming pools can stay for the next day in the months when we have winter hours where the days are short.

8th Day – Visits: Ephesus, Mary’s House and accommodation in Izmir or in Kuşadası (Kushadasi)

Breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, we will visit the archaeological site of Laodicea. This visit is important because the site is part of seven churches of the Apocalypse (1h30 minutes of visits).

After this visit, travel to Ephesus and visit the ruins of the ancient city dedicated to the Goddess Artemis and which is the largest archaeological site due to its size.

For the Christian religion, Ephesus was the city where Paul came to preach many times, Saint John wrote his Gospel and the first of the 7 churches of the Apocalypse was built.

Highlight for the ruins of Odeon, the Hadrian Temple, the Agora, the Theatre, the Via Sacra, the Casa do Amor, the Public Bath House, the Celso Library.

Lunch: at a restaurant chosen by the Guide. (Included, without drinks)

Visit to the House of the Virgin Mary, where she lived the last years of her life. Located on top of a mountain, overlooking the Aegean Sea, in the middle of the forest, the house was transformed into a chapel where many Christians go on pilgrimage and where many Muslims also flock there with great respect.

Continue to Izmir, Turkey’s third major metropolis. City overview. Accommodation and Dinner at the Hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel in Izmir or Kuşadası. However, while Izmir is a city where the airport is located, we have another city very close by. Kuşadası is a village on the Aegean coast where you have more hotel options and a more typical life. For this reason, we prefer to provide accommodation in this city.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Note: The visit to Laodicea can be scheduled the day before, depending on arrival in the Pamukkale region. The visit to Maria’s house or to Ephesus can be scheduled for the following day depending on location availability.

Therefore, the group guide will provide these reservations by communicating with the visiting points. Sometimes, due to the winter time, one of these visits can be scheduled for the following day.

9th Day – Trip to Pergamon and visits to Asclepião and Acropolis. Accommodation in the city of Tróia with dinner included

After breakfast, we’ll hit the road heading to Pergamon.

180 km of route. We will visit the archaeological site of Asclepião and Acropolis in the city of Pergamon.

We will host in Troy.

10th Day – Visits in Troy and we will travel to return to Istanbul

Tróia is an archaeological site to visit. We are going to visit this place with our guide in Portuguese. We will visit this place after breakfast. After this visit, we will return to Istanbul by ferry crossing the Dardanelles channel.

Arriving in Istanbul in the afternoon is free in Istanbul.

We won’t be having dinner tonight.

Day 11 – Free day in Istanbul

This day we will leave it as a free day for our passengers to organize the activities themselves.

12th Day – Day of return to country of origin

According to the international flight schedule, we will take you to the airport. We have to leave the hotel 4 hours before your flight.

Please check your flight details.

Arriving at the airport, we will provide assistance at Check in time.

End of services.

Visits that we will make during the trip with our guide in English:

We will have 8 lunches and 7 dinners are included in addition to breakfast included in the entire hotel. Included meals are scheduled on days on which we will visit and tour outside Istanbul.

Due to the many options and alternatives in Istanbul, we do not prefer to include any meals in our tours. If the group wants, we can include and schedule lunches and dinners in Istanbul as well.

Breakfast in Turkey is open buffet. In an open buffet, passengers can easily find cheese, bread, egg, tomato, scrambled egg, tea, coffee, and exc. The biggest difference with breakfast in Brazil, in Turkey we have very little fruit.

During lunch, we will look for restaurants that offer a free buffet, but generally for lunch, we have the options of restaurants where we will have an executive dish.

While you dine, yes in general, we are able to provide in restaurants in the hotels where we will host with an open buffet style. Depending on conditions, we can have an executive plate model.

See the places and activities that are included in this itinerary

Hagia Sophia,
Blue Mosque,
Roman Hippodrome,
grand bazaar,
Topkapı Palace
Basilica Cistern,
Egyptian bazaar,
Boat trip on the bosphorus channel,
Galata district,
Neighborhood of Eminonu,
Beyoglu district,
Karakoy district,
district of Balat,
St. Peter’s Church Museum,
Museum of Mosaics in Hatay (Antioch),
Museum of the House of São Paulo,
Goreme Open Air Museum,
Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys in the Pasabag Valley,
Dervent valley,
Ozkonak Underground City Museum or Kaymaklı,
Hierapolis Museum (Cotton Castle – Pamukkale),
Laodicea Archaeological Site Museum,
The museum of the archaeological site of Ephesus,
House of Virgin Mary,
Visits in Asclepiãok,
Visits in Acropolis,
Visits in Troy,
Carpet factory,
Leather Jacket Outlet,
Jewelry Atelie in Cappadocia,
Valley of doves,

The price per person:

If the couple wishes to purchase this package entirely privately, the value will be €2580.00 (euros) per person staying in a double room;
If the group has 6 pax, the value will be 1693.00 (dollars) per person;
If the group has 10 pax, the value will be 1559.00 (dollars) per person;
If the group has 16 pax, the value will be 1423.00 (dollars) per person.
If the group has 25 pax, the price per person will be 1309.00 (dollars) per person in a double room;
If the group has 30 pax, the price per person will be 1196.00 (dollars) per person in a double room.
If the group has 40 pax, the price per person will be 1089.00 (dollars) per person in a double room.

About the payment:

The value of the package must be paid in the following format: %20 already for confirmation of the services presented.

The balance can be paid up to the date of travel or you can bring the amount in cash to pay here locally.

To request a quote for a travel package to Turkey or to book a service, contact:

Whats-App: +90 536 273 59 61

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