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FAQ about hair transplantation in Turkey

FAQ about hair transplantation in Turkey

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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation in Turkey today is known as the most applied aesthetic surgery for men and women worldwide. Many people from abroad come to Turkey to make this operation.

In the Hair Center of Turkey, we perform hair transplantation operations to people from many parts of the world with more than 8 years of experience and over the 2,000 patients.  

What is Hair Transplantation? 

Hair transplantation, with the simplest definition, is the process of transplanting the hair grafts taken from the back side of the head then opening the channels in the areas where hair loss is experienced.

If you have experienced intense hair loss, the only way to get your hair back permanently is hair transplantation. The hair transplantation is preferred because it gives natural and healthy hair results. 

How we perform the hair transplantation? 

Hair transplantation in the Hair Center of Turkey is performed in 3 stages. We start by applying localanaesthesia in the donor area. Then opening channels in areas where there is the hair loss. And last, the planting. 

1- Local Anaesthesia / Grafts Collection 

Before the operation, we take pictures to observe the conditions before and after the operation. Then, in our polyclinic, we shorten your hair to number 1 with our special shavers.

Then we apply local anaesthesia. After, your donor hair follicles in your back side are examined and taken by our specialists. Your hair follicles that have been taken from your head back side are kept in special fluids and can remain natural and healthy until the hair transplantation process. 

2- Opening the Channel 

Channels are opened in suitable angles, depths and width in the areas where the hair is going to be transplanted. Thanks to the specialist doctors working in Hair Center of Turkey clinic, this sensitive process is successfully performed.

Grooving process has great importance in hair transplantation operations. The reason for this is that the correct calculation and opening of the depth and width of the channels directly affect the naturalness of the hair transplantation and thus its successful result.  

3- The planting. 

The grafts taken from the back side of the head are placed one by one in the grooves of in theappropriate depth and width. The area where the hair grafts are placed left open and the operation is completed. The high level of technical knowledge and experience ensures successful results for theHair Center of Turkey patients. 

After Hair Transplant Operation 

When your hair transplant operation is completed, you can rest at home. The second day after the operation in our polyclinic we perform your medical dressing. The third day after the operation, youneed to wash your hair so you will come to our polyclinic again.

Hair washing is one of the most sensitive procedures after the operation. The nails should not be used when washing the hair in the planted area and it should be washed gently with the fingertips and palms.

For this, you can rely on our expert and experienced staff in the Hair Center of Turkey. After washing your hair with a special shampoo and lotion do not use towels, only paper towels to dry without any rubbing movement. 10 days after the operation, you can wear a hat but not for too long and it should not be too tight.

After 1 month, the first transplanted hair grafts are shed. You can rejoice if your hair is falling out, youroperation is quite successful. The transplanted hair starts to grow permanently from 3 to 6 months. It can take up to 12 months for the region to be completely healed without any signs of surgery. 

Who can do the Hair Transplant surgery? 

Everyone that suffers from empty areas in his head, men and women are qualified for this operation but first you must contact us, Hair Center of Turkey Clinic, for a free and immediate consultation. 

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