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Distance between tourist cities

Distance between tourist cities

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Distance between tourist cities in Turkey

Discover what the tourist cities of Turkey have to offer and how to take advantage of each one in your itinerary. Check out:

It is no exaggeration to say that the tourist cities in Turkey, together with the others considered “less important” by those who travel there, make up a magical country. Yes, magic is the word: in a few days of travel, it is possible to see colorful skies, true monuments sculpted by nature and culture capable of impressing and enchanting any traveler.

Getting from one city to another can be time-consuming, depending on the transport chosen but getting to know the tourist cities in Turkey is a task worth completing, with each of them reserving particular surprises.

Istanbul is considered by many people to be the capital of Turkey, when in fact it is the largest city, one can even say it is the largest tourist city in the country.

It is also for Istanbul that you should go if you are interested in getting to know the true local culture, considering that the Turkish position between the West and the East allows an immersion in the traditional and the modern.

With a more urban character, Istanbul presents its historic buildings as tourist attractions, such as the Blue Mosque, shopping centers, which date back to the mercantile power exercised by the city since the Ottoman Empire, such as the Grand Bazaar, and even a nightlife worthy of mention.

Cappadocia, on the other hand, has the title of Turkey’s tourist region thanks to its rustic beauty, sculpted through volcanic activities and erosions. In a quick and unpretentious look at the region, it may seem unattractive, but it only takes a few more minutes to begin to realize its beauty and its important cultural and historical value.

Part of this beauty, by the way, remains hidden, like the underground cities and churches carved in the rocks, both open to visitors.

To contemplate all this wealth from another angle, there is nothing to discuss: it is necessary to take the balloon flight, certainly the most famous for all the tours to be done in Turkey.

Ephesus is in the west of the country and, although it is impossible to compare it to Cappadocia, it can be said to be as beautiful as it is, with its unique and historic beauty.

The ruins that are still there date back to the 11th century BC, when the city was built to serve as capital for the Roman Empire in the territory of Asia Minor.

Walking along the same avenue on which Cleopatra walked one day is still an incredible experience, as well as visiting the great theater, whose good part of the remaining structure allows you to notice its grandeur.

Nevsehir, in Cappadocia, has a typical landscape of the region, with rock formations and respective constructions on the stones, but it also has other attractions and sights, which has transformed it into a tourist city in Turkey.

Its museum and mosques are examples of places worth visiting, especially the Damat Ibrahim Pasha Mosque Complex, which houses, in addition to the mosque, school, library, Turkish bath and even a kitchen for students.

Pamukkale is also among the tourist cities in Turkey that attract attention because of the beauties they have acquired because of nature itself.

There you will find the natural pools called the Cotton Castle that attract tourists from all over the world to bathe in their waters that, according to local legend, have healing properties.

The limestone present in your mountain, next to the water creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, with incredible harmony between blue and white.

Çanakkale is the second largest Turkish city, and among its numerous attractions are the battles that have already taken place in its territory and the proximity to Troy.

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