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Discover Yazılıkaya

Discover Yazılıkaya

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Anatolian attractions: discover Yazılıkaya

The Anatolia region is filled with diverse historical monuments and natural beauty. Most of its attractions have a worldwide reputation, but some are still far from the eyes of the general public. In this post, we highlight some features of the incredible Yazılıkaya. Check out:

Due to its huge variety of historical and cultural monuments, the Anatolia region is known as the “cradle of civilizations”. Over the centuries, the place has sheltered different peoples, among them: Hittites, Romans, Ottomans, and Byzantines. Then, each civilization has left its mark on the region, whether with artifacts, monuments, or even paintings.

Among these remnants of civilization is Yazılıkaya. Located near the village of Yazılıkaya, which is part of the Han district in the northwest province of Eskişehir, the settlement was built by the Phrygians, who have left a glorious legacy and spectacular ancient ruins that are among the best preserved in Turkey, despite having thousands of years.

Yazılıkaya Attractions

– Midas Monument

At 17 meters high and 16.5 meters wide, the Midas Monument, also known as the Great Monument, in Yazılıkaya is the largest Phrygian work excavated in the rock ever discovered. The flat terrain facing the monument was used as an open-air temple by the Phrygians and was built in the name of the Mother Goddess.

– Kırkgöz

Next to the Midas Monument, there is the Kırkgöz Rock. This attraction consists of chambers that have been carved out of a huge stone. It gets its name because the rooms carved into the stone make it look like it has dozens of eyes, with Kırkgöz meaning “40 eyes” in the Turkish language. This structure was first built during Hellenistic times, then used by the Romans and Byzantines. On the east side of the Kırkgöz Rock, there is a tomb carved in the rock that dates from the Hellenistic era.

– Unfinished Monument

Another notable place in the Yazılıkaya Valley is the Unfinished Monument. You can notice architectural similarities between the Midas Monument with this attraction, as it was built to be a smaller version of it. It was built using a unique sculpture system, in which the surface of the rock was first leveled and then the builders worked from top to bottom, sculpting drawings and inscriptions. It was unfinished in half, which is why it has been a great source of insights for archaeologists who have managed to understand the ancient stone carving techniques used by the Phrygians during the construction of monuments.

– Monumental tomb

After the Unfinished Monument, you should know this place. If you go to the right, you will find the Monumental Tomb carved at the base of the cliffside. It can be easy to lose it, as it is in the basement, so look for the tuning plate. It is a small chamber with a small window, blocked from the entrance with iron bars. The ceiling and walls of the chamber have a well-preserved design.

– Altar

Where the trail forks, follow the path on the left and you will find yourself climbing a hill. What awaits you is an ancient altar, offering a beautiful view of the Yazılıkaya Valley. Except for a few stairs carved out of the rock, little has survived. However, the view of the valley is breathtaking.

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