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Guide with necessary information about the region

The place is known worldwide for its exclusive scenery composed of valleys, unique rock formations, caves and “fairy chimneys”, which offer a surreal experience during flights in hot air balloons.

However, Cappadocia is not just about balloons and the surreal, otherworldly landscape. This region is probably the most incredible in all of Turkey, and offers many other interesting attractions for its visitors.

We recommend that you set aside a minimum of two nights’ accommodation and a full day to take the tours in the region. If you have limited time, we can create a private tour, thus personalizing your trip. 

However, if you have free time and conditions, you can get to know Cappadocia in two days through our group tours passing through the main sights. So you will have a complete experience in the region. Check out all the information you need to know about Cappadocia!

Tip – To take the balloon ride, you must be in Cappadocia at around 5:30 am, as this is the time when we will pick you up to leave for the takeoff location. The activity ends around 8:00 am or 8:30 am.

How to get to the Cappadocia region by plane?

The Cappadocia region is divided between the municipalities of Nevşehir, Aksaray and Kayseri. Nevşehir is a small city that has an airport called Kapadokya Airport and receives daily flights from Istanbul. However, the options are limited. 

The town is 45 km away from the main towns. Turkish Airlines – the country’s national airline – offers daily flights from Istanbul to this city. The ticket price varies according to seasonality.

If the passenger wants, we can issue the ticket for this segment for € 80 (euros) per person including in the total package value.

 Another city in the region that has an airport is Kayseri, which is 90 km away from the main towns in Cappadocia. 

– About transfer to hotel: Which city has the nearest airport to the tourist area of Cappadocia: Kayseri or Nevşehir? After landing, how to get to the region?

This is an industrial city, so it is busier, more populous and has more contact with the outside. 

In Kayseri, there are more options for direct flights to Istanbul carried out by different companies and other cities in Turkey. 

There are some companies like Pegasus and SUNEXPRESS that provide direct flights from Kayseri to Izmir and vice versa.

Nevşehir Airport is the closest and is located just 45 km from the main towns in the region. Cappadocia’s most interesting attractions are in the towns of Göreme, Uçhisar, Ürgüp and Avanos. 

However, when planning our passenger package, we prefer to calculate tickets from Istanbul to Kayseri, as this city offers more daily flights to this region, thus generating more schedule flexibility in our planning. 

 Upon arrival, we will greet you with a poster at the airport exit and our staff will take you to your accommodation via the transfer service.

The journey between the city of Nevşehir to the Cappadocia villages where the most important hotels in the region are located takes an average of 50 minutes. 

If your arrival is scheduled to take place in Kayseri, the trip to your scheduled hotel may be longer (approximately 1h 20m). 

Don’t worry, as our driver will drop you off at your reserved establishment regardless of distance. We offer two transfer options: collective or private.

How to get to the Cappadocia region by bus?

There are buses with daily departures from Istanbul to the Cappadocia region. Buses leave from Istanbul’s central bus station (Address: Güzeltepe Alibeyköy Cep Otogarı 34060).

To avoid problems when purchasing tickets, we can also help you with this process. We charge € 50 (euros) per person for tickets / passenger for the Istanbul-Cappadocia leg of the journey. We issue the ticket and send it to you along with the data. 

Then, you will only need to go to the bus station 30 minutes before the bus leaves and go to the counter of the company that provides the route. We also offer shuttle services to the bus station. The route has approximately 850 km.

The bus passes through the tourist villages of Ürgüp, Göreme and Avanos, generating an interesting experience for tourists due to the incredible landscapes of the region. 

Many backpackers choose to travel by bus at night. The vehicles are comfortable; therefore, it is possible to “face” the 10-hour stretch without major problems.

However, the flight to Cappadocia is recommended depending on the time you have. Note: Buses to Cappadocia leave from other cities in Turkey as well.

How to reach the Cappadocia region by car?

Practically the same route as the bus. The main advantage of traveling to Cappadocia using a car is that you can stop whenever you want and the duration of the trip will be slightly shorter (average of 8:30 am). 

Turkey’s roads are good, and you can make the trip by renting a car. If you are interested, our team can schedule this part for you.

Note:  If you are interested in renting the car, please inform our team. In addition to the car, we also offer the service with a local driver.

Tip: Make your outward journey to Cappadocia on your arrival in Istanbul!

Once you land in Istanbul (either at IST airport or SAW airport), take the flight to Cappadocia. Find out more about this possibility with our agents by emailing info@guideserviceinturkey.com

The journey from Istanbul to Cappadocia is quite short (1 hour and 20 minutes). 

We offer air tickets with alternative schedules for this connection, thus facilitating the trip to Cappadocia (if you are interested, we can evaluate this possibility and issue this domestic ticket according to your arrival time in Istanbul).

So, avoid leaving Istanbul airport and take your flight to Cappadocia now. Thus, you will start your journey from this region, leaving the Istanbul stage at the end of the itinerary.

Note: This alternative varies according to the time of your arrival in Istanbul. Please, when requesting our services, inform the time to check the possibilities of connections.

Tip: We issue tickets to these airports for 80 euros per way per person. We will provide all necessary assistance and inform you about electronic tickets by placing the details on your voucher. 

That way, you won’t worry about schedules, airports, changes and just enjoy the trip. We do all the operational part with the support of our offices during your trip. Contact us to quote the trip with us: 


Where to stay

What are the accommodation options in cave hotels that guideserviceinturkey offers?

If you want a different and unforgettable lodging experience in Cappadocia, we can book your accommodation in a cave hotel – the region’s famous tourist attraction.

Even if this type of peculiar accommodation is not in your plans, we recommend that you try at least one night in these accommodations to see the beautiful sunrise in the region.

Located in the region of central Anatolia between the cities of Kayseri and Nevşehir, Cappadocia has one of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

Göreme, Avanos, Uçhisar, Urgup, Mustafa Pasha, Ortahisar, Cavusin and Ayvali are the most interesting villages for accommodation. 

Among the “cave hotel” options we offer :

  • Museum hotel;
  • Sacred House;
  • Kayakapi Premium Caves;
  • Argos In Cappadocia;
  • Capadócia Cave Resorts & SPA;
  • Queens Cave Cappadocia;
  • Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge;
  • Taşkonaklar; Millstone Cave hotel;
  • Dere Suites;
  • Anatolian Houses;
  • Best Western Premier Cappadocia;
  • Yunak Evleri;
  • Miras Cave hotel;
  • Gamirasu hotel;
  • Acropolis Ürgüp cave;
  • Eyes Of Cappadocia Cave Hotel;
  • Oread Cave Suites;
  • Ascension Cave Suites;
  • Göreme Suites hotel;
  • Satrapia Hotel Cappadocia;
  • Suzana’s Cave Hotel;
  • Eyes Of Cappadocia Cave Hotel.
  • Walnut House Göreme;
  • Travellers Cave Pension;
  • Osman bey cave
  • Elisa cave
  • Seraphim Cave Hotel;
  • Les Maisons de Cappadoce;
  • Exadra Hotel Cappadocia;
  • Melis Hotel;
  • Ask-i derun cave hotel;
  • Carus Cave hotel;
  • Gedik Cave hotel;
  • Mithra cave;
  • MDC hotel;
  • Göreme Inn Hotel;
  • Mira Cappadocia hotel;
  • Doors of Cappadocia hotel;
  • Artemis Cave Suites;
  • Harman Cave hotel;
  • Nostalgic cave suites;
  • Seki Çavusin Suite;
  • Osmanli Manor Hotel;
  • Kismet Cave House;
  • Panoramic Cave hotel;
  • Bedrock Cave hotel;
  • Maccan Cave hotel;
  • Osman bey cave hotel;
  • Heybe Hotel SPA;
  • Blue Valley Cave Hotel;
  • Sinasos Palace Cave Hotel;
  • Saklı Konak
  • The Loop Kapadokya;
  • Roma Cave Suites;
  • Sevdalı konaklar;
  • Elegance cave suites;
  • Sakura Cave Hotel;
  • Öykü evi cave hotel Kapadokya;
  • Castle Cave House;
  • Historical Göreme House;
  • Ottoman Cave Suites,
  • Loop Kapadokya;
  • Cappa Villa Cave Hotel;
  • Upper Greek House;
  • Suna Butik Hotel;
  • Nostalji Cave Suit Hotel;
  • Harem Kapadokya;
  • Hestia Filiz Pansiyon;
  • Hermes Cave Hotel;
  • Kelebek hotel;
  • Elika Cave Suites;
  • Stone House Cave Hotel;
  • Hezen Cave Hotel;
  • Capadocia inn Cave Hotel;
  • Rox Cappadocia;
  • Elkep Evi Magara;
  • Safran cave hotel;
  • Artium Cave Hotel;
  • Aydınlı Cave Hotel;
  • Cappadocia Cave Suites;
  • Divan Cave House Hotel;
  • Grande Cave Suites;
  • Anitya Cave House,
  • Lucky Cave hotel;
  • The Cappadocia hotel;
  • Meleklerevi cave hotel;
  • Agarta Cave hotel;
  • Elite Stone house;
  • Kapadokya Hill hotel & Spa;
  • Gül Konakları;
  • Alaturca House;
  • Has Cave konak;
  • Helike Cave hotel;
  • Hera Cave Suites;
  • Miracle Cave Hotel;
  • Tafoni Houses cave hotel;
  • Nessa cave hotel;
  • Elif Stone House;
  • Empire Cave hotel;
  • Vezir Cave suítes;
  • Grand Cappadocia hotel;
  • Mira Cappadocia hotel;
  • Magic cave house;
  • Garden inn house
What accommodation options do we usually work with?

Among so many options, we know that the passenger may be in doubt about which hotel is better. 

Therefore, depending on your financial conditions, we can offer many options for hotels that will meet your expectations according to your budget. 

In our work model, we usually consult the passenger, idealizing something suitable for their plan. 

For example: if the passenger informs that he would like to stay in a cave hotel with a value of around 150 euros, we will present good options and, therefore, we will book your accommodation.

Check out the list of hotels we work with most frequently:

Acropolis Urgup cave;
Yunak Evleri;
Dere Suites;
Nostalgic cave suites;
MDC Hotel,
Gedik Cave hotel;
Mithra cave;
Ask-i derun cave hotel;
Museum hotel;
CCR hotel.

However, if the passenger informs that he does not mind paying 250 euros, we will have the other accommodation options according to this value.

 In addition, Cappadocia has a hotel infrastructure with high standard establishments that can offer luxurious accommodation options with daily rates of up to 1400,00 euros. 

Therefore, we ask for your cooperation informing about your plans.

Daily guided tours in the region

For those who want to explore Cappadocia, we recommend that you participate in our daily tours with the company of a guide in Portuguese. Fortunately, today we are able to provide these tours in small groups (maximum 15 pax) every day of the year.

We have two tour options that you can take for two days in a row. This way, you will get to know everything Cappadocia has to offer.

Here are the details of these guided tours at a fixed price and with the option of paying with a credit card.

First day of tour (red tour)

After breakfast at your hotel, our guide will meet you around 9:40 am * and we will go on the tour visiting the following points:

– Esentepe: the best spot to observe the variety of colors of fairy chimneys;

– Open air museum Göreme: the site holds treasures from the time of the first Christians, who took refuge in the region due to persecution by the Roman empire during the first and third centuries;

– Vale Dervent: also known as “Vale da Imagination” or “Vale Cor de Rosa”, the site reveals many lunar rock formations. The valley’s small fairy chimneys form a lunar landscape due to their unusual appearance;

– Paşabağ Valley: the base has mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys. Monks used to live in the region during the first and third centuries;

– Avanos: located on the banks of the Kızılırmak and the Red River, the city is known mainly for its tapestry and red clay pottery.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Please communicate your interest. At the end of the tour, return to the hotel.

Note: the schedule can be changed according to your preferences.

To learn more about details and payment options, click here.

Second day tour (green tour)

After breakfast at your hotel, our guide will meet you around 9:40 am * and we will go on the tour visiting the following points:

– Underground cities of Kaymakli, Ozkonak and Sarhatli, Underground city of Kaymakli: This – region was opened to the public in 1964 .;

– Uçhisar Castle: Uçhisar means “fortress” in Turkish and is one of the most typical locations in Cappadocia, with its houses blending with the rocky landscape so characteristic of the region. ;

– Çavuşin Village: It is one of the oldest settlements in the area. The Saint John’s Church, which offers a panoramic view of the area is  located  in this village. Built in the 5th century, it has an imposing location and its columned facade highlights its prominence over the entire valley;

– Panoramic view of Göreme, Pigeon Valley and Pink Valley.

In addition to these locations, we can take you to a Cappadocia ceramics studio.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Please communicate your interest. At the end of the tour, return to the hotel.

Note: The schedule can be changed according to your preferences.

Cappadocia’s tourist attractions are not limited to hot air balloon rides and daily tours mentioned above. The region provides many interesting activities that can be completed in just two or three hours.

Ballooning in Cappadocia

Without a doubt, the balloon ride is the main attraction of Cappadocia

The standard flight in the hot air balloon lasts 1h20 min and is available daily throughout the year (except for exceptions when the weather does not allow).

Before the flight, we will pick you up at your hotel an hour before dawn. Next, we will travel to the takeoff point.

The preparation lasts an average of 20 minutes, being perfectly adequate to be photographed together with the dawn in the background along with the morning lights.

Before taking off, a licensed professional balloon pilot will pass on flight information, safety and landing instructions. We will only take off after full inspection and release from the responsible authority.

During the flight, the balloon’s sliding movement through rock formations and low clouds provides a fantastic feeling. The hot air balloon flight is carried out with 20 to 28 passengers in the basket.

Cappadocia is one of the best routes in the world for hot air balloons, and one of the densest flight points. Experience the pleasure of flying with a hot air balloon when you come to Cappadocia to observe this unique world wonderland via bird’s eye view

After disembarking, we will celebrate our return to the ground with a glass of local sparkling wine. Fruit juice options are also available for those who don’t drink alcohol. To learn more and make your balloon reservation, click here to complete the form.

Horse riding:

Love of horses has always been part of Turkish culture. Therefore, horse riding is an activity that cannot be missed during an excursion in Cappadocia – a place known in the past as “Land of good horses”. The tour is not only a sport, but also an opportunity to discover extraordinary landscapes.

After confirming the tour, we will pick you up at your hotel (the time will be scheduled together). You must set aside at least 4 hours a day for this activity.

If you don’t know how to behave when riding a horse, don’t worry, as our guide will guide you.

Note: If you want to take the tour at a time outside the scheduled time for group activity, we can make this change. We will do this service privately, with our guide assisting you in this adventure.

Tastings and Gastronomy Course

What better way to discover a destination than to taste its gastronomic delights? This activity will offer you the possibility to try traditional Turkish products and get to know the imperial flavors. We can make this schedule with you.

Cappadocia, the Old Persian name is Haspaduya, which according to some researchers means the land of beautiful horses. Explore the fascinating valleys and breathtaking fairy chimneys through the valleys of the region via horseback riding tours

Cappadocia Pottery Kebab

Pottery Kebab, whose taste is in your palate with its unique presentation, is made by blending beef, pepper, tomato, garlic and many spices.

Avanos Pottery 

In a magical place like Cappadocia, you should try the production of world famous Avanos pottery to reveal the artist within you and to witness this art. ⁠

The art of pottery is a family tradition and exists in a time warp at Avanos in Central Anatolia, on the old caravan route. Pottery-making is transferred from generations to generations and every generation interprets with their own modern way


In the Cappadocia region, there are many places where you can discover incredible landscapes and enjoy nature. For this reason, guided trekking tours are ideal for those who want more intense experiences with the environment.

During the tour, you will pass the following points: Vale Rosa, Vale de Ihlara and Vale das Pombas. These places have great infrastructure and are prepared to receive trekking lovers.

Cappadocia is one of the best trekking locations in Turkey because of its fantastic geography and remarkable history. Enjoy trekking in Ürgüp Valleys, Göreme Valleys and Ihlara Valley


The ATV tour is a funny attraction for you to experience during your days in Cappadocia. We charge € 30 (euros) per person for one hour – just inform the planned time you would like to take the tour. If it is not at a suitable time for us to form a group, we can provide the service privately. But, in general, we organize a group for the activity.

Note: To perform this activity, we recommend that you have physical availability and interest in venturing into dusty lands.

Safari tour:

This tour offers an unforgettable experience in a 4 × 4 jeep carried out by a group of professionals who will help you on a unique adventure, enjoying a route that passes through spectacular mountains, deep gorges and almost unexplored points that allow panoramic views.

We recommend that you book the Safari tour around 6am, while the balloons will be “parading” in the sky of Cappadocia. We can pick you up at your hotel and bring you back to the location at the end of the tour. We can also schedule the tour at dusk.

We have availability for every day of the year from two people. The tour costs € 160 (euros) for two people or € 260 euros for 4 people.

Enjoy Quad Safari tours through Cappadocia’s beautiful spectacular fairychimneys while visiting panoramic valleys. These tours are a great opportunity for you to have fun and adventure outdoors

Turkish night

Concert hall with Turkish dances is another very interesting activity in the region.

In this place we will watch the different dances of Anatolia, the original region of the cultural formation of Turkey. Anatolia is a peninsula that is divided today into 7 different geographically regions. Each region, according to its climate and nature, has its own culture and tradition.

So this wealth is represented in the dance folklore as well. Book in advance and there is no risk of lack of places. Because in high season, places sell out fast in the best places in Cappadocia.

Price is 50 euros per person if you are with a minimum group of 4 passengers. In this amount, we will include round-trip transfer services to your hotel as well as admission to the show. We will have the right to consume alcoholic beverages and appetites included.

Turkish Night Shows will make your Cappadocia trip unforgettable. You can experience the Turkish culture in the closest way.

We can book and organize transfers for you to these events in Cappadocia. For both events we need to receive your order with the following information:

  1. Number of people with names
  2.  The name of the hotel
  3.  Exact date you intend to watch the presentation

Presentation of Dervish dances

For those with an interest in Islamic ramifications, we can take you to a Dervish show. – a presentation focused on “Sufism”, where you will be able to watch the ritual practiced by the followers of this philosophy, demonstrating a way of approaching Divine Love.

Before the presentation, we recommend that you do a little research on “Sufism” and read a little about Islamic philosophy, because with this structural basis, the presentation will provide you with more sense and a good spiritual experience.

However, for those who already know the Islamic mystical side and the culture, the presentation will certainly be a good opportunity. The Dervish Ritual with its ceremonial dance known as Sema will elevate you to a spiritual retreat over the course of an hour.

The cost of the transfer service between the place and your hotel and the admission fee for this show costs 25 euros per person, (in a group of 4 people).

Frequently asked questions about the Balloon Ride

– Why do we have to fly so early?

The best weather conditions are usually in the morning. Usually, the wind is not very strong at the beginning of the day. Plus, it’s great to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon!

– What should I wear?

The weather can be a little cold in the early morning during the spring and it is quite cold in the winter. As the sun rises, the climate becomes more pleasant. Therefore, it is better to wear warm, long pants, t-shirt and pullover or long-sleeved shirt and shoes suitable for outdoor activities. We recommend that you take a jacket too.

– Balloon happens in winter.

That’s right. The only thing that disturbs the balloon is the wind. Snow, rain prevents nothing.

– Where do the balloons take off from?

The takeoff location may vary according to the direction and speed of the wind. But you can be sure that wherever the balloons take off, you will still be able to see the enchanting valleys and the most beautiful views in Cappadocia.

– How high do the balloons reach?

Again, it depends on the wind. The balloons can climb up to 1000 feet.

– Can I take my kids?

We accept children from the age of eight. Children under the age of this can not participate. Pregnant women are also not allowed in the balloon. Unlike cultural tours, we do not have discounts for children under 10;

– At what time of the year can I participate in the balloon ride?

Hot air balloons operate throughout the year, but from October to March, there may be cancellations due to weather conditions.

– When will a flight be canceled?

Basically, the most important point is the wind speed. If the rain is very heavy or there is fog, the flight may be canceled. To be able to take off safely, the wind must be less than 10 knot.

If you only have a few days in the region, you can try to fly the next morning. But if you don’t have time or don’t want to try again, you’ll receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.

– How much does the tour cost?

The price varies according to season. High season in Cappadocia are April, May, June, September, October and November. On average, we charge between € 180–200 euros per person.

– If the tour does not take place on the scheduled day, what will happen?

We will book for the next day if available. However, many times, companies already have reservations made for this next day in high season. So we cannot guarantee, but until now, we have never left anyone without the service.