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Tourism in Turkey: Pamukkale Natural Pools

Pamukkale’s natural pools form such a surreal setting that it impresses tourists visiting this region of Turkey. Scattered in the form of steps, the natural pools are on a huge white limestone mountain that appears to be snow from a distance, deceiving many tourists.

In the limestones, dozens of strands of hot water, with an average temperature of 35ºC, gently flow from the top, forming several natural pools with waters that according to locals contain healing properties.

This wonder of nature is about 2700 meters in length and 160 in height, which arose from recurring seismic shocks that hit the region, giving rise to numerous springs whose waters are rich in minerals, salts, and limestones.

Pamukkale is just 600 km from Istanbul and translating from Turkish, it means “cotton castle”. The region is considered a Turkish treasure and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

How can Guide in Turkey help me get to know this sightseeing?

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