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Daily Chios Island Tour

Daily Chios Island Tour

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Daily Chios Island Tour

The tour starts at Chios Island

Best way to discover the island with it’s history, culture, tradions and stories by our guidance and able to buy local product.

Departure with our guide by bus to medieval villages

Passing through the Kambos where is famous by the gardens and shipowner’s mansions in the south..
And then 1st stop is Armolia.

Able to buy handmade souvenirs and famous ceramics there. Mastichoria is the only place in the world where the Mastic Trees grow and produce which is next to Armolia. Here you learn reaping, care and product about this endemic kind.

Next stop is Pyrgi;

Having a coffe break in the cute little square of the village after a walk by the streets of famous geometric pattern walls. You have time also for shopping

Taking road to mystical labyrinth village of Mesta

Whispers an ancient fairytale with Magnificent Medieval Architecture, splendid Taksiarhis Church and beatiful streets of village

Lunch at Limenas;

Ancient harbour of the village; beautiful little Limenas by the sea…with the delicious taste of the Aegean in our tongues..

Time to turn back to Port of Chios

**Departures may change due to the congestion of the passengers and the harbour.
*Lunch is not included in Tour charge.

     Places to visit in this tour

Armolia Village, Pirgi Village, Mesta Village    


Chios Greece is a large island that lies on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, close to the Turkish coasts. There is a daily ferry that connects Chios island with Cesme, a port near Izmir in Turkey.

Except for Ismir, popular destinations for day trips from Chios are the tiny islands of Psara and Oinousses.

Its laid back atmosphere, little family resorts, and incredible natural beauty make Chios a popular destination for family holidays! Chios is particularly famous for its mastic production, its numerous monasteries, and secluded Chios beaches.

A drive around the island will bring you to places of unique beauty! The quaint seaside villages of Chios are lined with delightful taverns, where you can taste the local delicacies. And if you need a beach fix, head to Mavra Volia, the best Chios beach, on the southernmost side of the island. 

Apart from its mastic production, Chios is popular for one thing in particular: its villages. Some of them, such as Pyrgi and Olympia, stand out for their elaborate houses, which are decorated with geometric black and white shapes, which give them a sophisticated look.

Others, like Anavatos, Volissos and Chios Town have Medieval castles sitting on the hills above them. The enchanting Chios villages are a must place to visit!

If you want to explore further the interesting architecture of Chios, set off to explore the numerous monasteries that are scattered around the island! The Monasteries of Agia Moni, Agios Markos, and Agia Markella, the protector of the island, are worth a visit!

Chios is an island that should be on your travel wish list!

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