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Çukurcuma – Cihangir

Çukurcuma – Cihangir

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A beautiful day in real Istanbul

We offer an itinerary in the most efficient way for your trip and you will not want to go back home. Check out:

On this trip to Turkey, we will visit Cukurcuma, and then we’re going to have a day full of stunning visitations.

The day starts with breakfast in the street of Cukurcuma in some coffeehouses, museums, or galleries. Everything is fresh and homemade. If you do not want the classic breakfast Kars gruyere cheese on flatbread and crispy prosciutto, I would recommend the poached eggs.

After the nice breakfast, we will start walking down to the streets of Cukurcuma to look for another nice stop by passing through the antiquity shops,

Çukurcuma is a small secret paradise in which antique shops with restored old houses, cafes, and art galleries are gathered. Also, it’s available and recommended a touristy place to visit and one of Istanbul’s oldest districts.

We continue our tour by visiting some turkey Baths (Hamam). Our first visitation will happen at Aga Hamam baths in Çukurcuma district, and the Galatasaray Hammam is located 100 meters ahead.

This is the most popular bathhouse on Beyoğlu. Inside of the Hamam, a beautiful fountain greets you at the entrance of the pools.

However, this was not the most important feature of the bath. Istanbul is the only city with an outdoor bath that remains opens 24/7. Since ancient times, people spend the night in entertainment venues in Beyoğlu.

Also very popular in recent years “Hamam night in the bath” is the most preferred entertainment of the bath with Galatasaray Hamamı.

All streets of Cukurcuma are filled with historic beautiful homes. In fact, you will enjoy your visit to the neighborhood. If you are interested in the antique shop, old houses fulfilled with many historical and antique items in Cukurcuma, then you will have a pretty enjoyable day.

Each shop is also exhibited separately from each other fine antiques, it has a story all its own …

Then, we will finish our tour passing through Orhan Kemal Museum and The Museum of Innocence, Orhan Kemal Museum (the author of brother Shares), Kaçak, Hanımın Çiftliği, Bana Evi gibi ünlü, and a museum that exhibits many works of art films. I think it was definitely worth seeing.

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