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Check out the most attractive cities

Check out the most attractive cities

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Currently, Turkey attracts two profiles of immigrants: retirees and young people who want to improve their resumes and get a life experience in an exotic country. Thus, people in the older age group prefer a calmer lifestyle, and almost always choose to settle residence on the southeastern coast of the country, while young people choose to live in large cities.

Ankara and Istanbul: destinations for professionals

Among those looking for new professional and educational experiences, Istanbul – the capital of Turkey – is certainly the most popular destination. Divided between two continents (Europe and Asia), the historic city brings together several interesting neighborhoods with strong characteristics. However, due to the concentration of language schools and universities, the European side is home to the districts that receive the most foreign residents.

Among the favorite neighborhoods in the international professional and student community, Cihangir is considered a great point due to its cultural scene. The neighborhood’s atmosphere is lively and colorful, and the streets are full of cafes and restaurants. Also, Cihangir is exclusively residential, and through most of the apartments, it is possible to view the minarets of the Blue Mosque and the Great Mosque of Hagia Sophia.

Likewise, the Beşiktaş neighborhood is also very popular among qualified immigrants looking for great experiences in Istanbul. Due to its accessibility with public transport lines, relatively low rental prices compared to other districts and busy streets full of cafes and restaurants, the region can accommodate any type of visitor.

Another city that is home to many immigrants is Ankara, and the Çankaya neighborhood is famous for hosting foreigners. However, the profile of professionals residing in the capital of Turkey is different from Istanbul, being composed mainly of employees of embassies and consulates.

Southern Turkey: dream retirement destination

Turkey also is very attractive among retirees.

On its south coast, along the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, the country is home to tourist towns and small charming villages. Currently, the cities of Izmir and Antalya are adopted as a second home for those who want a peaceful retirement away from the big cities and in a coastal region.

However, these regions can offer many activities to retirees. Due to the great flow of tourists throughout the year and the importance of the activity for the local economy, these two cities

offer an infinite amount of leisure options, among them: cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, and shopping malls.

Certainly, if you are looking for the dream retirement destination, you should consider Turkey!

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