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Byzantine churches converted into mosques or museums in Istanbul

Byzantine churches converted into mosques or museums in Istanbul

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Throughout history, many Byzantine churches have been turned into mosques.

Constantinople, after being taken by the Ottomans, began to experience a great transformation. Thus, the Islamic population increased in a short time and Christians, who did not want to remain under the control of Islamists started to move to other destinations, mainly to the Balkan countries. Nonetheless, many of them convert to Islam.

Even though most of the churches were kept as Christian churches, over time, 20 of them were turned into mosques for Muslims.

Among them, a highlight is the basilica of Hagia Sophia, which was the first that was transformed into a mosque the day after the ‘conquest’, because of its symbolic value that represented the highest point of the power of the Byzantines.

The church of Chora was the second that was also transformed into a mosque. Its transformation took place in the 16th century because it had no longer a Christian in the neighborhood. Today, these two are not acting as a mosque but the other 18 are being used by Muslims as a temple and are visited 5 times a day according to the pillars of religion, and 112 of them continue today as churches. That is why, still in Istanbul, we can see these historic Byzantine churches serving Orthodox or Catholics.

We offer a tour passing through all the 20 churches that have been transformed into a mosque.

Ayasofya Camii Kebiri : 

Kariye Camii :

Koca mustafa paşa camii :

Fethiye camii:

Fenari isa camii :

Eski imaret camii:

Zeyrek camii :

Atik mustafa paşa camii  :

Vefa kilise camii :

Gül camii:

Kalenderhane camii:

Imrahor camii:

Hırami ahmet paşa mescidi:

Küçük ayasofya camii:

Isakapı mescidi:

Kefeli mescidi:


Manastır mescidi:,_Istanbul

Bodrum camii:

Arap camii :

How can Guide in Turkey help me?

If you want to visit these churches, book a tour with us and we will take you to these places. Send an email stating the date you want to take this tour.

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