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Best time to visit Turkey

Best time to visit Turkey

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Best time to visit Turkey, Istanbul and other destinations inside the country

Check out what you can discover in the most an exotic country in Europe during every season of the year:

You will hardly be able to discover the main attractions of Turkey in a single trip. There are so many attractions that it would certainly take you years to visit them all. Starting with the coast, if you are going to travel in the summer (between June, July, and August) it is worth to spend a few days to enjoy the beautiful Turkish beaches, in addition to the urban centers. The Mediterranean, unlike other eras are widely visited in this period by Europeans who seek to relax on the country’s beaches.

In Istanbul, every season has a major attraction. Being one of the oldest cities in the world – it deserves to be visited at all times, and the city is practically a world apart and changes a lot in each season of the year. The region’s rich history and culture show the authentic Turkey that is both modern and charming.

–  Winter

(December – January – February and until mid-March)

European winter takes place in December, January, and February. As a result, prices also tend to be much lower, both for purchases and for those who want to visit the region. Neighborhoods and attractions in general also end up becoming more empty during this period. It is also possible to find snow in Turkish cities at this time of year. For those who visit Cappadocia during this period, it can be more difficult to be able to do balloon trips due to the extreme cold.

– Summer

(June July August)

European summer takes place in June, July, and August. This is the peak season in Europe and also in Turkey. The streets and cities are much busier and you can find people from all over the world visiting the beauties of the country. The walks are more pleasant and the warmer climate is an invitation for Turks and tourists to enjoy more of what the cities have to offer. As it is high season, the prices of hotels, restaurants, and tours go up due to the number of visitors in the country. It is also during this period that the Mediterranean Sea gains the clearest hues of the year. Summer in Istanbul and Cappadocia there is not as much movement as in the country’s coastal cities. For the reason that the destinations are more visited for cultural and history tours, and also to get to know the daily life of the local citizen.

– Spring and autumn

(Spring: March – April – May | Autumn: September – October – November)

During these times, the climate and temperature are more interesting for tourists looking for cultural tours and visiting the main attractions of the country. However, depending on the period the visitor may be surprised with not too hot days and cold nights. Even so, the vast majority of hotels have great structure, which does not directly interfere with your stay. Many people indicate these seasons as the best time to visit the country, as temperatures are milder. The height of spring is between April and May and autumn in September and October. For this reason, these months are ideal for those who want to make the most of this trip.

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