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Best museums in Turkey

Best museums in Turkey

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Tourism in Turkey: discover the country’s best museums

Turkey is a country rich in history, and the best places to get to know the nation’s culture is through its museums. Check out our list:

– Chora Church

This Greek Byzantine church from the medieval era was built in the 4th century and houses some of the best examples of mosaics from the Byzantine domain. Also, it once served as a mosque and church.

Address: Dervişali Mahallesi, Kariye Cami Sk. No: 8, Fatih, Istanbul, +90 212 631 92 41

– Ephesus Archaeological Museum

After visiting the ruins of the ancient Greek city, be sure to visit the Ephesus Museum, where various artifacts are on display. You’ll find traces of the Temple of Artemis, fountain sculptures, coins, and more.

Address: No: 26 Uğur Mumcu Sevgi Yolu, İzmir, 35920

– Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Located in a beautiful mansion that belonged to the famous Sabancı family, this museum provides a longview of the Bosphorus. Also, Sakıp Sabancı is home to some of Istanbul’s most renowned art exhibitions. Previous art shows included works by Rodin, Picasso, Monet, and Anish Kapoor.

Address: 42 Sakıp Sabancı Caddesi, Istanbul, 34467

– Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma is the largest mosaic museum in the world. Space has 1,700 square meters (18,299 square feet) of beautiful and well-preserved mosaics. Located in the city of Gaziantep, the museum’s exhibitions come from the ancient city of Zeugma, which was in danger of being flooded by a dam in 2000. The museum’s “Gypsy Girl” mosaic, exposed in a dark room, is one of its pieces more popular.

Address: Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, Gaziantep

– Istanbul Modern

Istanbul’s contemporary art center (also known as Istanbul Modern) is one of the city’s most important museums and always features excellent exhibitions of local and international talent. Istanbul Modern’s sculpture garden and Bosphorus café are also major attractions in Istanbul.

Address: No: 99 Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Istanbul

– Mevlana Museum

The mausoleum of the Persian and mystical Sufi poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi is one of the main attractions to visit in the Turkish city of Konya. The beautiful structure, which stands out for its turquoise dome, has also served as tekke (a hostel for revolving dervishes – the mystical sect of Islam).

Address: No: 1 Mevlana Caddesi, Konya, 42030

– Topkapi Palace

This building was the residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost 400 years. Built in 1453, it is a real wonder and a must-see attraction in Istanbul. The sultan’s ostentatious lifestyle is fully exemplified in beautiful pavilions, a jewel-filled treasure, and a harem.

Address: Istanbul, 34122

– CerModern

Built inside a renovated train station, CerModern is not only an impressive piece of architecture but also the main art destination in the capital of Turkey. Engaging exhibitions, as well as art history and yoga workshops, make CerModern an attraction worthy of any tourist’s attention.

Address: CerModern, Anafartalar Mahallesi, Altınsoy Cad. No: 3, Altındağ, Ankara

– Pera Museum

Located in a beautiful neoclassical building that used to be the famous Bristol Hotel, the Pera Museum has hosted important art exhibitions and events since its creation in 2005. Previous prominent names include Rembrandt, Joan Miró, Frida Kahlo, and Goya, among many others.

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