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How hot air Balloon tour in Cappadocia works?

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For many travelers, flying over Cappadocia on a balloon ride is like making a dream come true! And it is not for less, the tour that is a postcard of the country, has become a mandatory stop for foreigners who visit the destinations of Turkey and want to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Some arrive just to appreciate the landscape of the colorful balloons that parade scattered across the sky, others make sure to stay in the city of Cappadocia with a privileged view of the Goreme National Park, where everything happens. No matter the reason, everyone visiting Turkey wants to see Cappadocia on this trip.

The balloon ride is the best known, but when you get there you will see that there are several other attractions and cool things to know and amend in the same itinerary. Both in Istanbul, Cappadocia, and surrounding cities. The balloon rides operate inside the Goreme National Park, a place that is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and stands out for its picturesque rock formations scattered throughout the area. Flying over this landscape is one of the most sought after experiences by tourists visiting Cappadocia, and without a doubt this trip will remain in your memory forever.


As this is the a main attraction in the region, schedule your balloon ride before reaching your destination.

Eventually balloons are not allowed to rise due to natural problems such as wind and weather issues, so an important tip is to plan the day of your flight’s arrival and departure, either through Istanbul airport or Cappadocia, as this way, if If something unexpected happens, you will have the chance to fly on other days.

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Tour during early morning time to see sunrise

All companies pick up passengers at their respective hotels for the first time, usually from 5:30 am to 6:00 am, which is the period when the weather conditions are most appropriate to make the flight safely.

During the assembly of equipment, the agency offers breakfast at the place where the balloon will be inflated. The flight is done so smoothly that you barely notice that it left the ground, the average duration is 1 hour, but there are other options with more time. This is one of the main tourist tours in Turkey, and it is done daily, always thinking about the comfort and safety of tourists.

Each balloon fits between 20 and 28 people, on the balloon ride passengers, can follow a wonderful sunrise in the region, which is even more beautiful with the other balloons that color the entire Cappadocia region.

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Everything for your service about Ballon tour

How does it work?

Flight Option: Standard Flight

Duration: 1 Hour- 1h30 min

Basket Size: 20-28 people basket

Leaders: Professional Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Transportation: Pick-up & Drop-off from/to Cappadocia Hotels

Departures/Dates: Guaranteed Daily Departures, year-round (as long as the weather permits)

Standard hot air balloon flight

The “1-hour standard flight” is the most popular balloon flight option and it’s available daily throughout the year (as long as the weather permits). This flight begins with a pick-up from your hotel for about one hour before sunrise. We will travel to one of our take-off sites, depending on the wind direction, and prepare the balloon for flight. The inflation takes about 20 minutes and is the perfect time to get some impressive photos of the inflation process in the early morning light. Before taking off your professional, fully licensed balloon pilot will go over the flight information, safety briefing, and landing instructions and then we will take off!

The gentle gliding motion of the hot air balloon through the rock formations and up to the low clouds is a comforting sensation. With vineyards, orchards, the unique architecture of ancient villages, many diverse rock formations and mountain ranges to see, this one-hour flight option is perfect to see the whole area from a bird’s eye view! Each flight is completely different as the wind determines the general direction.

After landing, we’ll celebrate our return to the ground with a glass of local champagne. The champagne toast has been the traditional way of finishing the hot air balloon flight since the Montgolfier Brothers’ first flight in France in 1873. Fruit juice is also available for those who do not drink alcohol.

Standard Hot Air balloon the flight is operated with 20-28 passenger basket balloons.


Pick-up & Pre-Flight: Pick-up and drop-off from Cappadocia hotels are included in the Hot Air Balloon flights. The pick-up time will depend on at what time the sun rises. For example; you will be picked up from your hotel around 04:30-05:00 am at spring and summer times, while you will be picked-up around 06:00, am during the winter.

After pick-up, you will arrive at the hot air balloon landing site. Also, we will have an open buffet snack and tea/coffee service while watching the balloons float. This is a perfect opportunity for those you like to take photos!

Then, the flight crew will assist you to get on the hot air balloon basket and your FAA Certified The pilot will give some information about the flight. Our pilots and the balloons we offer are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Take-Off & Flight: The take-off is quite gentle many people don’t realize when it happens exactly. The hot air balloons will take-off at sunrise.

First, the balloons will rise approximately 1000 feet so we can witness the beautiful sunrise over the magical valleys of Cappadocia.  You will discover the extraordinary views of Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view. Next, the balloon will descend which will allow you to see the beautiful fairy chimneys and valleys from a closer point of view and this is great for photoshoots as well!

Landing: The landing of a hot air balloon flight is always celebrated with a traditional champagne toast. You will also get a certification for attending the flight. After the celebration you will be dropped off to your hotel around 07:30 – 08:00 am according to the flight time.

Questions and answer

Why do we have to fly so early?

The best weather conditions are usually at this period of the day. Usually, the wind is not very strong in early mornings and there are no thermals. Also, it’s a wonderful view to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon!

What do I have to wear?

The weather can be a little chilly in the early morning and quite cold in the wintertime. But as the sun goes up it will get warmer.

We recommend warm and long trousers, a t-shirt and long sleeve pullover or sweatshirts, and suitable footwear for an outdoor will be the best option to wear. In winter or early springtimes, it’s best to bring a coat with you.

Where the balloons take off from?

The take-off site can change according to the direction and the speed of the wind. But you can be sure that wherever the balloons may take-off from you will still be able to see the most charming valleys and the beautiful views of Cappadocia.

How high the balloons reach?

It will depend on the wind. If the weather is calm, the balloons can go up to 1000 feet. Sometimes, it can go as low as you can pick fruits from the trees.

Can I bring my children?

The hot air balloons can accept children over 7 years old children. Also, pregnant women are not allowed at the balloon as well.

Is Hot Air Balloon available during the wintertime?

Yes, hot air balloons are operating all year long but from October to March, there may be more cancellations due to weather conditions.

If the flight was canceled, what will happen?

The important point here is the velocity of the wind. Again if the rain is very heavy or there is for the flight may be canceled.  To be able to take off safely the wind has to be less than 10 knots. If you have a couple of days in the region you can try to fly the next mornings. But if you don’t have time or don’t want to try again, you will receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.

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