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8 days in Turkey

8 days in Turkey

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8 days:  Suggested travel in Turkey

Check out our customized 8-day package designed for your comfort


First day: Arrival in Istanbul;

Second day: Izmir, Ephesus, and Aegeus;

Third day: Izmir, Ephesus, and Aegeus;

Fourth day: Kuşadası and Pamukkale;

Fifth day: Cappadocia;

Sixth day: Cappadocia;

Seventh-day: Istanbul;

Eighth day: Istanbul.

Detailed itinerary

First day: Arrival Istanbul

Arrival at Ataturk airport, reception, and transfer.

Tour the Bosphorus in a private boat, where you will have the possibility to take a bath in the waters of the strait.

Accommodation in Istanbul.

Second and third Day: Izmir, Ephesus, and Egeu

We will fly to Izmir. On arrival, we will drive toward Ephesus, where we will visit the House of the Virgin Mary.

We will sleep for two nights at the hotel on the Aegean. We separated one day for the Aegean beach.

Accommodation at Hotel Doga Thermal on the Aegean Sea.

Fourth Day: Kuşadası and Pamukkale

We will continue our trip by car departing from Kuşadası, and we will visit the swimming pools of Pamukkale.

We will sleep one night in a thermal hotel.

Accommodation in Pamukkale.

Fifth and sixth Day: Cappadocia

We will continue the trip passing through Cappadocia, where we will sleep 3 nights.

Accommodation in Cappadocia.

Seventh and eighth Day: Istanbul

Returning to Istanbul, we separate a whole day in the city for each one to follow their personal activities.

Accommodation in Istanbul.

Highlights of this package

–   In Istanbul, we will take the private boat trip along the Bosphorus, being able to dive into the waters that separate the Asian continent from the European;

–   In Cappadocia, we will sleep 3 nights and take scenic walks with a walk in the valley of Ihlara;

–  In Kuşadası, we will stay at a hotel on the The Aegean Sea, leaving a full day to bathe in the blue waters of the sea and to get to know Ilicalar beach. On the other day of the trip, we will be following toward Ephesus;

–  In the pools of Pamukkale, we can take advantage of the natural pools, and even in the well-known “Pool of Cleopatra”.

 Note: Our tour advice is just a suggestion, please inform us about your different travel plans.

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