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2-3 days city tours in Istanbul

2-3 days city tours in Istanbul

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Istanbul: 2-3 days city tours

Complete 2-day itinerary in one of the oldest cities in the world. Check out:

If your time is short, but your desire to visit Istanbul is immense, we can help you to check the main attractions of the city, passing through the most beautiful sightseeing of the ancient Constantinople.

In only two or three days, it is possible to have a taste of the two continents in one trip. Istanbul is in the exact location of the border between Europe and Asia, where the two continents are separated only by the small Bosphorus Strait.

A good tip is to always organize tours that do not take all day. Some places are incredibly beautiful and huge, but a quick visit or a walk around or outside is enough, such as mosques and palaces.

First, you can visit the mosque, Hagia Sophia. A few meters away you can reach the Blue Mosque, well known for the blue tiles that adorn the interior walls.

Following, you can see 3 monuments in Sultanahmet Square: the Theodosius Obelisk (built in the 4th century AD in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the throne of Tutmés III), the Serpentine Column (built by the Greeks in commemoration of the defeat of the Persian empire in 479 BC) and Constantine’s Obelisk (built in honor of Constantine VII).

A walk leads to the Grand Bazaar, the largest the covered market in the world, where the tour will probably take more time and will include activities such as shopping, food and currency exchange – in fact, known as the best in the city.

Book the last day for Istiklal Avenue, a famous boardwalk lined with more modern shops and restaurants, with side streets that lead to charming cafes or tenements where brothels operate in daylight. Bookstores, galleries, cinemas, pubs and all the city’s nightlife take place here.

Going down the street and crossing the bridge, you arrive at the Galata Tower, a medieval tower built in stone and located in a charming square.

Then, go to the Spice Bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, a few blocks from the tower.

How can Guide in Turkey help me?

If you are in Turkey, we can schedule these visits on a private tour. Also, we offer other packages to the main destinations in the country, transfers, accommodation, and much more.

Contact: +90 536 273 59 61

E-mail: info@guideserviceinturkey.com

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