Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Centers

Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center is the meeting point for international trade fairs in Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations offering numerous business opportunities today and also for tomorrow. Exhibitors and visitors from many countries all over the world benefit from services at national and international standards supported by a well-established infrastructure within the context of more than 50 fairs and activities. This global platform hosts each year 14.000 exhibitors from almost 60 countries and near 2 million visitors from 70 countries.


Tüyap offers space rental services for many leading domestic and international fair organizers in the market. With its advanced infrastructure systems and perfect service concept, Tüyap is a prominent space operator in Turkey, preferred by many. Especially for;

Fair organizations
Congresses, conferences, seminars
Product launches
Commercial films/series/film production and
Special events
Tüyap offers flexible solutions for a wide range of event type.

The exhibition sector in Turkey has become acknowledged as an organized business activity thanks to Tüyap. Tüyap has served around 302. 436 companies from 123 countries by organizing 1.618 domestic fairs and 177 international fairs in 39 countries and hosted 55.722.878 visitors 200 countries until the end of 2017. Tüyap is the only private fair organizer in Turkey.

• Agriculture and Stock Breeding
• Arts
• Automotive and Side Industries
• Book
• Ceramics Industry
• Clothing, Embroidery and Side Industries
• Commercial Vehicles and Components
• Defence Industry
• Dentistry
• Education
• Electro Mechanic
• Electronics
• Food and Food Processing
• Furniture
• Furniture Side Industry
• Garden and Floriculture
• Garment and Fashion
• Home Textiles
• Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
• Imaging
• Industrial Cleaning
• International Transportation Vehicles
• Kitchen-Bathroom
• Laboratory Technologies
• Leather Industry and Leather Fashion
• Lighting
• Logistics
• Marine Vehicles
• Medical
• Mining
• Mould Technologies
• Music and Hobbies
• Office Furniture and Equipment
• Packaging Industry
• Paper Industry
• Plastics Industry
• Printing
• Rubber
• Security
• Sports Equipment and Investments
• Swimming Pools
• Textile Machinery
• Tourism
• Urban Furnishing
• Water and Environmental Technologies
• Machine Tools and Metal Processing Technologies
• Window and Door Technologies
• Wood Industry
• Yarn




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