Turkish Coffee, traditional taste


This video shows how coffee seeds parched. Buldan/ Denizli/ Turkey.

Coffee is the name of a coffee preparation method. Its special taste has become a tradition, especially with its foam, smell and presentation.

It is the only type of coffee that is served on the world. Almost all of the menu in the restaurant is located in Turkey.

The most delicious Turkish coffee is the fresh and finely ground of coffee beans, the charcoal fire, and the rice cooker.


In the 16th century, it was first spread all over Istanbul with the coffee shop in Tahtakale district. Then it spread all over the country at the same speed. In these coffeehouses, books were read with coffee, chess games were played and literary conversations were made.

In later times, even coffee entered into the palace kitchen, has started to be consumed too much. Carefully cooked coffees were served to the most esteemed people. Thanks to Ottoman ambassadors, Turkish coffee spread to Europe and then to the whole world.



Benefits of Turkish Coffee

  • Coffee balances the cholesterol level in the blood and prevents excessive fluctuation.
  • It was found that the pain relievers used increased their effects by half.
  • It prevents many of the heart diseases as it has a balance effect on cholesterol.
  • It is effective in correcting digestive system problems, especially in regulating bowel movements.
  • It affects the skin problems like cellulite by massages made with coffee. It also softens the skin. • It contains antioxidants in the content of coffee.
  • It has positive effects on increasing attention and opening mind.
  • It is observed that Turkish coffee is good for headaches and bone pains.

I highly recommend this experience to live on your trip to Turkey violently



Coffee Fortune Teller

Turkish coffee is drunk and the cup is closed on the bottom plate. After the cup has cooled down, the intuition, which trusts its feelings, opens by a powerful fortune teller. Coffee bean-looking intuition guides people by making predictions about the future. The most important feature of the coffee fortune is that it is an enchanting ritual after Turkish coffee. Coffee fortune-taker gains meaning in accordance with one’s abilities.


Coffee fortune-telling ritual is an application that begins with the curiosity of people. Human beings have always wondered about the future from the past to the present. Coffee fortune has emerged as a result of people’s future curiosity. People who trust the viewers of the coffee fortune and trust in the correctness of their comments hope that they will be able to receive news about future events with coffee fortune. Coffee fortune-seekers sometimes only fortune to satisfy their sense of egoism sometimes to look at the fortune to gain money. Even though the coffee fortune looks like an entertainment, it has become a serious business area.


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