Touristic Sites in Pamukkale Region

Pamukkale-Hierapolis Touristic Site

It’s located about 20 km North of Denizli. It welcomes you with fascinating well preserved Frontinus Gate that was the entrance to the Roman city. Not only one but there is also Byzantine Gate on the north that worth seeing. Some people call Hierapolis sacred and holy place as its famous for its temples and religious buildings back in 14th century. The temples were remarkable trade centers and Hierapolis had many temples that made people confused about their exact religion before Christianity but it is believed that people in Hierapolis worshipped their main God; Apollo and beside that, their goddess Artemis as many as other important greek gods. Not only it holds a religious importance but also it was known as health center at that time. Hierapolis has marvellous baths which contains some of the most admirable examples of Bronze Age craft. They are usually made of marbles and stones.  In those years, thousands of people used to come to the baths and pools and they found their therapy in those. Some of the pools are called; Cleopatra’s Pool, Antique Pool and so on. Unfortunately, Hierapolis had so many ruinous earthquakes. But it has led to this magneficent historical resudials that we see today.

Hierapolis- Cardak Airport Road Map
Pamukkale Hierapolis Leodocia Road Map




Laodicean Church

Laodicea is an ancient city located in the Lycus River,today known as Çürüksu, Valley of Anatolia, near Hierapolis and Colossae, in modern city of Denizli. It was founded in the 3rd century and named after Seleucid King Antiochus II in honor of his wife, Laodice.
It holds a big importance for Christian community. According to the Bible (Revelation 1:11) ; Jesus Christ instructs John of Patmos to: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches’’ and Laodicean Church was one of them.



Ancient City of Tripolis

It is 40 km far from the center of Denizli and located on a slope between Menderes river and Yenicekent Town in Buldan district in Denizli and 20 km north-west of the famous Pamukkale. There was no exact information about the first foundation of Tripolis. Although, the sources indicate that Tripolis’s first name was Apollonia and later it was called Tripolis and that its first foundation was in the time of Lydia.Its significant structures build in Roman period. In the history many devastating earthquakes and wars hit Tripolis therefore only ruins of some important buildings can be seen on site today.




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