Avanos, which is the center of handicrafts of the region with its many pottery workshops in Cappadocia, is also a favorite of local and foreign tourists.

In the light of the findings of the archaeological excavations carried out in the region, the origin of pottery in Cappadocia dates back to 5,000 years and to the Hittites.

Avanos, which has been developing in this direction with the increase in interest in ceramics in the field of pottery, has become the center of tourism in the region and it allows local and foreign tourists to live in Avanos with the interest of pottery and ceramic products produced in the district as well as alternative art tourism.

Ceramics workshops and handicrafts organized in Cappadocia with international participation participate in festivals from around the world. Ceramic art, which is one of the special interests of the Far Eastern tourists, is influential in the choice of Japanese tourists to the region.

In the field of craftsmanship, the works started in the large pot workshops in Avanos district of Nevşehir after 1995’s.


Tile craftsmen, who work by pouring different patterns on the hand of the ceramic pots, are an important factor in increasing the interest in the china plates with the models they produce. A tourist stream of people coming from all over the world to examine and see handicraft techniques has also begun to be felt in the region.

While foreign tourists prefer china products rather as ornaments, the priority of local tourists is the natural pottery, pottery, test and earthenware pots. The products produced are exhibited in caves and workshops at the center of the city. In addition, the large ceramic shops located at the entrance of the district resemble a handicraft museum.

Although it is possible to see the tiles and handicraft products produced in Avanos in many parts of Cappadocia, many tourists visit the townships in the stalls, which have been turned in the pots of thousands of years in the district, to see the pottery and ceramics that the craftsmen have shaped with their hands. In the workshops, the groups following the construction of the pottery, apple tea in the earthenware cups and goblets are served.

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