Santa Sofia (Hagia Sophia)




The second most visited museum in the country. There are several reasons that result in this classification. Above all, for its history more than 14 centuries, attract many people from all over the world. A place that deserves all respect. A place that still creates novelties for those who seek the secrets and mysteries of past centuries.

* Built by Justinian in the sixth century and was the largest basilica in the Christian world for nearly a thousand years. Considered a universal work by the technique that it possesses, the dimensions of its architecture and its golden mosaics. It covers a surface of 1.6 hectares.More than 10,000 workers worked on the construction, 100 masters for 5 years. The marble of the interior was brought from Anatolia and the 4 green columns of the nave were brought from Ephesus, and the tiles and bricks brought from Rhodes. Since 1934 it is a museum, wonderful and a must see!

* Recommended guided tour. You can contact us to organize a tour for you in Santa Sofia. In addition to the guidelines you will receive from your private guide, you will gain a huge amount of time not waiting in the ticket queue. Especially in high season, suddenly can wait more than an hour in line. It is well to remember that the groups guided by the guides accredited by the tourism ministry of Turkey, do not wait in any queue in the museums of the country.


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