Tour of the 7 churches: 4 Days

Religious Travel Packet in Turkey; Tour of the 7 churches. Ephesus-Smyrna-Pergamum-Sardis-Philadelphia-Laodicea-Thyatira

Interestingly the seven churches of the book of Revelation are in Turkey, a country that today has the great majority of its Muslim population.

These churches are located in a land known in Roman times as Asia Minor. At the time Jesus gave his word, this region had a great domination of the Romans, who were pagans. They are churches that are super important to those who have faith and seeks to know how Christianity was spread in a time of Roman persecution.

Nowadays, these points are in the Aegean Region, near the coast of the Aegean Sea.


These are points that are somewhat far from the most sought after tourist routes like Cappadocia and Istanbul. So we plan a semi-ready itinerary so you have a sense of how it would be to make these visits.

The churches are as follows:

  • Efes (Ephesus) (Selçuk)
  • İzmir (Smyrna)
  • Bergama (Pergamum)
  • Salihli (Sardis)
  • Alaşehir (Philadelphia)
  • Denizli (Laodicea)
  • Akhisar (Thyatira)

A.D. In 53-56, the missionary Paul came to Ephesus and during his stay he worked for the spread of Christianity in the region. As a result of these studies, the first seven churches of Christianity were founded. The Seven Churches were founded during the Roman Empire.

Our itinerary suggestion:

DAY 1 / Smyrna / Pergamum (A)   (200 km will be traveled)

Arrival at Izmir airport and meeting with guide. (We can schedule the Istanbul part of the trip, and we will amend this step with the guide accompanying the group from Istanbul to Izmir).Recommended arrival early in the morning, around 08:00 hours. Between Istanbul and Izmir there are several flights all the time with various airlines.

We will   visit ancient Smyrna (now Izmir) on a visit to the church of St. Polycarp and then to Pergamum. Pergamum was the city praised for its martyrdom and perseverance, where those who held the false teachings were criticized   (Rev. 2: 12-17).

You will see the Acropolis, Greek and Roman temples and still the theater built on a steep slope.

After the tour we will return to the hotel in Izmir   for check in and accommodation.

DAY 2 /   Thyatira / Sardis / Philadelphia (CAJ)

After breakfast, we will proceed to Thyatira, “praised for her great faith and service, but criticized for her tolerance of Jezebel, an immoral woman who called herself a prophetess” (Revelation 2: 18-29).

Going to Sardis, a church   “described as dead, and which must awake” (Revelation 3: 1-6).

The day ends with a visit to Old Philadelphia, known for its variety of temples and labor camps.

“The church of brotherly love that beareth patiently” (Rev. 3: 7-13). After this tour, we will continue to Kusadasi where you will spend the night. Kusadasi is a city on the coast and is very pretty. Full of shopping options for your little shops.


DAY 3 /   Ephesus / the House of the Virgin Mary (CAJ)

Watch a mass celebrated in the house of the Virgin Mary (available only on Sundays), a place of pilgrimage for many people from various parts of the world. (Optional. Because evangelicals prefer not to make this visit.)

Visit to Ephesus which was the most influential city of Asia Minor in the Aegean Sea.

“Ephesus receives praise for his perseverance, but is criticized for giving up his” first love “(Revelation 2: 1-7).

Finally you will visit the Basilica of St. John, built on the site where   it is believed that it was buried.

St. John is known as the evangelizing apostle (author of the Fourth Gospel) and prophet (author of the Apocalypse).

Dinner and overnight in Kusadasi.

DAY 4 /   HIERAPOLIS, Laodicea (CA)

After breakfast, we will   visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, as well as the world-famous Pamukkale. In this place, besides historical visit, we will know the natural pools super beautiful. It is worth taking advantage to enjoy this natural phenomenon.

After lunch, the tour will continue to Laodicea, located in the Lycus River Valley. The “church with a faith that is neither hot nor cold” (Revelation 3: 14-22).

At the end of the tour of this day you will be taken to the airport to embark on a return flight to Istanbul or continue the tour exploring other fantastic places in Turkey.

How can I buy / organize this package?

This package is not a package that is carried out every day. So we’ll have to do everything according to your interest. This means that we will need the following information to give a budget:

  • Number of people ,
  • If you want us to book the tickets for you?
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  • Date of expected arrival in Izmir?
  • Departure date from Turkey?


  • This itinerary is calculated for the passenger who come direct to Izmir. If you plan to amend your trip to Istanbul and Cappadocia, please let us know, we have planned another itinerary perhaps better and more suitable for you.
  • If you come from Athens to Izmir, you can do this itinerary very well.
  • On the costs we have several options of hotels to offer. So we’d love to hear your opinion on the budget.
  • If you are a pastor, priest, or church leader, please contact us to discuss more advanced possibilities for this tour.



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