Private Tour in Ephesus


Ephesus is a millennial city that has become the capital of several empires and has housed several wonders of the ancient world. Besides this historical side, it has its religious value, because it was where Mary, Mother of Christ, spent her last years of life. Because of this, Ephesus is a very sought-after destination for the faithful. Three Popes conducted masses consecrating the House of Our Lady that is currently visited as one of the main tourist attractions of the region.  Still the letters that are part of the biblical book of Revelation, whose mentions revolve around it, increase the value of the region.


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Sections of the trip

House of the Virgin Mary

This is the house in which Mary’s Mother of Jesus Christ is said to have lived the end of her life. Accompanied by St. John the Evangelist, Mary was taken to Ephesus from Jerusalem.

NOTE: If you have a group of believers, we can organize Mass in the chapel of the sanctuary.


Archaeological Site of Ephesus

This archaeological site is very well preserved. In this museum, we made a walk among the ruins of this ancient Greco-Roman city.

During this visit to Ephesus, you can learn how excavations at archaeological sites occur. Everyday things come up. If you notice the image above, can you notice the differences in layers on the ground? There are even more riches to be found!

The points that we will see during this visit of this archaeological site: (The visit is scheduled to be held for 2 hours)


✔ The Great Theater

✔Gate Domitian

✔ The Image of Nika,

✔The Library of Celsius,

✔Temple of Hadrian

✔ Fountain of Trajan,

✔Temple of Hadrian,

✔ The Roman Baths

✔ The Marble Avenue,

✔ Now

✔ Odeon City, Administrative Part Site

✔Temples of Paganism

✔ Gate of Heracles

✔ The Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates

✔ Porto Street (Avenida Arcade)

✔ Temple of Artemis (It is not in the archaeological site but is near the place where it is the only solitary column)


If in the group there is a person who is handicapped to walk or has difficulty walking, please advise in advance. So, we can organize a waiting point at the exit of the tourist site. There is no way to start and finish already in the middle of this open-air museum. It is a route that will be completed from entrance to final exit.

OBS: If you like archaeological research then make the point of visiting the Museum of Selçuk where there are some vestiges found in the excavations besides the places mentioned above.

Our services in this region:

Experienced Guide in English

Transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport;

Transfer from the port of Kusadasi to the city;

Local driver for the locomotion in the Ephesus region for the group or individual;

WARNING:  We will be dealing with any question or any choice, before and during your travel.

For these two visits, we suggest spending at least one day on this tour. Starting at 9am, we will finish these visits around 3pm (counting lunch time).

Ephesus is close to Kusadasi, the port city that receives cruises all year round. So, if you go to Ephesus for a cruise, please contact us to see if we can organize a tour for you and your group.

In the visit to the House of the Virgin Mary there is a custom to leave a request on the wall. So, prepare your order now! In the house, there is also a source considered sacred, in which it is possible to drink water and even save a little to take home, to your family or friends. Get ready for this meeting!


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