Kebap Restaurants in Istanbul


Kebap is the common name for all kinds of food that contains ‘meat’ among its ingredients.

Mainly, the cities of south-east Turkey, a region that is part of the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, are famous for their ‘kebaps’ which often ends up having the name of the city.Example: Urfa Kebap, or Adana Kebap.

Both cities are famous for their cuisine based on red meat and lamb.

Kebap is a dish typical of various regions of Turkey, not just the southeast. Practically, Kebap is roasted meat or sometimes it is cooked meat. Sometimes it is a type of Kebap prepared in a different way, like Ali Nazik, Fistikli Kebap or Buryan Kebabi.

So this variety of this dish creates a strong sector in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where you can experience the best examples of Kebaps from all these cities of the country. Because Istanbul is the most populous city in the country and is also the richest city in Turkey, where you can see a population that has power consumption.

We make a selection of Kebap restaurants in Istanbul which serves these types of typical Kebaps. There is no ranking of quality, just a table with some restaurants. As we have always said, ‘the best is the enemy of the good’. So do not consider this numbering of restaurants. For sure, they are all ‘best’ in the city in this area.

1-      Kaşıbeyaz: is in the neighborhood of Florya. We mainly recommend the dishes of Ali Nazik or Fıstıklı kebap:



2-      Adana Dostlar: There are two branches in Goztepe and Atasehir. We recommend the Bicak kebap (knife) Address: Adres: Yenisahra, Barbaros Mh. Halk Cd.
(Palladium AVM Karşısı) No.31 Ataşehir – İSTANBUL




3-      Hamdi : The most famous place among foreign tourists coming to Istanbul because of its magnificent location for a tourist to find and reach. It is next to the spice bazaar in Eminonu Square, places not to be missed by tourists visiting Istanbul. Birecik Kebabı, Haşhaş kebap or Oruk Kebabı are their specialists.



4-      Mabeyin : It is not only famous in Turkey, even the fame of it expanded to the whole world. Ranked in the world among the best restaurants in the world. A very rich menu of kebaps from the south east of Turkey. Entries are based on vegetables made with olive oil. Location is easy too. As soon as you cross the first bridge going to Asia, you will find the Ottoman mansion of Mabeyin. The sweet Baklava are a must.



5-      Sahan : A restaurant that brings food from the city of GAZIANTEP, in south-eastern Turkey. It has some affiliates.Famous for his kebap by KIYMA KEBAP and KEME KEBAP.



6-      Köşebaşı: It is  a large chain of Kebap restaurants that even inaugurated a restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil. Famous for its modern style of presentation of the typical dishes of Kebaps. The starters and the dishes are super light for anyone who is worried about the fat that gives flavor to the meat. It means that their roast beef is well seasoned and well ‘educated’. There are several affiliates around the city. One of the branch is in the neighborhood of Nisantasi, place famous for the quality shopping of clothes.


7 – Kebap Set: A traditional place. It is in the elite district of Istanbul, Etiler. For 31 years, it serves the best Kebap dishes. Nowadays, with daring desing draws attention for its interior decoration of the restaurant .




8-      Kazancilar: With a wonderful view of the Bosporus, it is a cool place for fun. And yet with tasty dishes, it is sure to increase the quality of your chat in Istanbul. Location of it is on the Asian side in the Kalamis neighborhood. Above all we recommend two dishes: usta kebabı and Fırın Beyti. Address: Münir Nurettin Selçuk Cad. No: 52 Kalamış / İstanbul
Tel: 0.216.336 05 05!prettyPhoto



Develi:  Since 1912, it’s a place that leaves no one unsatisfied by the taste of his Kebap. It is a place that you have felt the new spice corners in your padamar. There are several affiliates but among them we recommend the Samatya. A place that will make you say ‘oh my god’.And yet, before you pass on candy, think again, and control the rhythm of your heart so you do not suffer from a hearty heart. If you checked it out, and still noticed that it is okay then go to a ‘KUNEFE’.

See their website:

Günaydın: It is in several districts of Istanbul. It has a Francising system. Cool, tasty places and the taste of their kebap is a good thing.




11-Khorasani-Restaurant: It is in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, the tourist district of the city. An oasis in the middle of tourist restaurants.Recommended entries from them as well. Their dishes were endorsed by many foreigners, and for this reason, they have gained a lot of praise on Tripadvisor. His job is to temper the meat and present with flavorful style.



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