Is UBER dangerous in Istanbul? As of May 30, 2018, UBER is banned in Turkey from the President’s LAW.


Uber is very famous in the world and in many places it works well. But in Istanbul is not so indicated. For in Istanbul there is an influence of taxi drivers on the application.
To give you an idea, the cost of a taxi card in Istanbul is ITL 1,800,000. Almost 6 million dollars. So for this reason, the taxi business is a business of large companies that separate large investments in Istanbul for this taxi business. Because the big guys are in business, the police end up “helping a lot” the taxi drivers in this regard.

If a car is stopped running with the Uber application, there can be serious consequences, such as high fines or even car seizure, and of course a great embarrassment to the passenger.
I’m not saying there are no drivers who do not race with the app, there are brave people who sign up for the Uber app and are trying to keep their lives on this service.
But even so, for a tourist we do not recommend it. S ccording to our experiences, the evil police treats people who hire them uberistas, and the customer suffers until police investigations. Police want to see the driver’s records and may even take you to the police station as a suspect of some “organized” group.

We have seen many people suffering from this, however absurd it may seem.
On the other hand, in Istanbul the distances between things is not too great. Therefore, we recommend that you take a taxi (in reliable places like in front of establishments with fixed points) or use the public transport that, by the way, works very well. By the way, taxi in Istanbul is cheap and UBER prices are not as attractive as in other places in the world.
If you go get a taxi, do not get in the middle of the street, see our post about it .
If you want more comfort and ease, we have the service of private car with driver, which is a safe and comfortable way to walk around the city, and give tips in our category Transport and locomotion.
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