Information about Denizli (The province where Pamukkale is located)

About Denizli

Denizli is a provincial center in the Aegean Region. Denizli is the largest city in Aegean Region after İzmir with its central population exceeding 500 thousand. It is the industry, export and trade center of the Aegean region. Denizli is one of the most important capitals in the textile sector in the world. The city has a good prestige in the US and EU market in towels, bathrobes and home textiles.

Industry in Denizli

Industry is developing rapidly. Weaving and metal industry are at the forefront. Major industrial enterprises are; Dentaş Packaging Industry, Er-Bakır Electrolytic Copper, Denizli Cement, Paşabahçe, Kardemir Haddecilik, Eke Metal, Menderes Textile, Aynes Food, Ayyem Tarım, Tosunoğlu Textile, Integro, Tümteks Tekstil, Gökhan Textile, Welding Group, Abalıoğlu Yem, Ugurlu Auto Glass , Zorlu Holding Taç and Linens, Lezita poultry, Değirmenci Group, Evliyaoğlu Textile, Aysan Decorative Shelf Systems, Pamukkale Cable, KONMAK, Erikoğlu Textile, DEDA Leather Industry, ADA Underwear, Deniz Tekstil, FABER, AKÇA Concrete, Altınbaşak, İnceoğlu Flour Factory , DEPAŞ Prefabricated, AKMETAL Wrought Iron …
Other than these factories, there are industrial companies and facilities that are producing shoes, cable, nuts, bolts, bricks, plastic, chipboard, cardboard, oxygen gas, glass products, cotton products, feed, nuts, flour, lime, engine parts, leather goods, furniture and marble, food, sheet.


There is Denizli Çardak Airport in the province. THY carries out Denizli-Istanbul flights. Located at the crossroads of major cities such as Izmir and Antalya, Denizli is 225 km from Izmir and 227 km from Antalya.


Pamukkale is a paradise corner of the spring waters. It is Turkey’s best-known natural wonders. Over one and a half million domestic and foreign tourists visit Pamukkale. Pamukkale is 2700 meters long and its height is 160 meters. Pamukkale is 50 km away with its bright white color. In addition, the ancient city of Hierapolis in Pamukkale, the ancient pool, the ancient theater, archeology museum are among the places to visit. On top of it is the sacred ancient city of Hierapolis, dating from ancient Rome. It is located 5-10 km near the ancient city of Laodicea. 5 km further to Karahayıt, an international thermal center. There are many ancient cities in Denizli. Keloğlan and Kaklik caves are one of the other attractions to be seen. In the Pamukkale and Karahayıt area, five and four star hotels provide thermal tourism and spa services.

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